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Magical Duda



Business Description

Cory Clarke is a magician specializing in children’s entertainment. Children know him best from his on stage persona, The Magical Duda. 


Cory combines his natural knack for children and his heartfelt interest in magic of over twenty years to produce a show that will truly fascinate your entire family. Cory’s magical show is custom tailored to the event being held, your child’s interests, the size of the guest list, as well as the venue.


During the course of his stage show, Cory will capture your child’s interest and imagination and will hold it for the entire duration of the show, during which he will make live animals appear out of thin air, objects vanish right before your very eyes and have your child giggling like you’ve never seen before. And of course, what children’s show would be complete without balloon animals?


While Cory’s main focus is on children’s entertainment, he also does adult magic shows on a regular basis. Again, the show is customized to the client’s interests, nature of event, size of the guest list, as well as the venue. Cory’s adult magic entertainment takes one of two forms: a stage show or a walk-around performance. During the course of a stage show, Cory will perform illusions on stage that will have even the most skeptical guests amazed. The walk-around performance is a more up-close and intimate interaction between Cory and a handful of your guests as he walks around from table-to-table at a restaurant, or from one group of guests to another at a reception entertaining them with his up-close magical performance. 


Cory’s success in mastering his illusions and delivering a riveting performance is fueled by his true love of magic. While entertaining your family and friends is his job, it is also his passion.

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