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At your location, we bring the party to you. A real fire truck, fire crew, and a tour of all the equipment and tools on the truck. We teach fire safety, what to do if your clothes catch on fire, calling 911, stop-drop”n  roll, and other fun stuff!  Climb all over the truck, take pictures and video, rescue dummy drag, then spray the fire hose! All this ending in a five minute ride around the block for 5 people. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and family to share a memory that will last  a lifetime!

* Rescue Hero Billy Blazes is available to attend.

* Additional games available: water balloon toss, golf putter, and rescue bean bag throw.

* Grab bags available.

* Extra rides may be booked.

The party generally lasts about one hour. Depending on the child’s age group, we can add more games, or remove the ride along. Basically we can custom tailor the party as you see fit.

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