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The Original Marshmallow Factory

709 Danforth Ave.,



Business Description


What is Marshmallow Factory?
Marshmallow Factory is a fun, unique, experience that allows you to be a part of making your own dessert.

All you have to do is follow these four simple steps.

  1. Select a cup, cookie or chocolate
  2. Pick your marshmallow cream flavour
  3. Choose a topping (over 20 different toppings)
  4. Sprinkle on your choice of powders (sugar, mocha, sour, super sour and more!!!)

You now have your own personal mallow cup. It is that easy!

Marshmallow Factory has many more exciting products with a mallow infusion.

Mallow expands on top of hot steamy coffee, hot chocolate and teas. These hot beverages then turn into a thick creamy flavoured out of this world dessert drink. Sodas mixed with mallow become an explosive, foamy, thick, creamy float with every stir. We can even put your choice of flavoured mallow on top of fresh fruit to give your fruits a different, superb taste.

Marshmallow Factory is a great place for parties, catering, special events or take out. Our menu is always expanding as we find new ways and ideas to work with mallow and of course we will introduce our new flavours as soon as they are made available. After all, we are a one of a kind place and are completely new to this world.

The most amazing part of what we do here at Marshmallow Factory is you get to choose how you want your dessert and the choices are endless.

People are saying, "Marshmallow Factory make the best desserts" but actually the customer makes the best desserts because it's the customer who builds it, we just have the ingrediants available but it's the customer who makes it the way they want it!

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