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Are you planning your kid's next birthday party?

 Let MakerKids take care of it! We provide the space and a fun activity such as toy hacking, jewellery making or treat crafting. We bring a high-tech angle to every party with a custom 3D scan and print of the guest of honour!  




What’s included?

  • Party space for 10 children and a parent or 2
  • 2 hour activity with all supplies provided (choose toy hacking, jewellery making or treat crafting!)
  • 1 MakerKids staff to assist with the event
  • Birthday guest of honour gets a 3D print of their head
  • All kids get to take home their new creations
  • Setup and cleanup, one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

No mess. No planning. No worries. Don’t miss out on giving your child the best party ever, contact us today! In addition to feeling good, you’ll be doing good. We're a non-profit dedicated to inspiring and enabling youth to be makers, and booking a birthday party with us supports our programs and events!


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