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How To Expand Your Business Through Maximization of Customer Participation

When considering expanding your business, focus on maximizing customer participation in your marketing and promotion campaign. The more consumers feel connected to your business through being able to contribute ideas for product display, advertising initiatives and discount options, the more likely these patrons are to shop at your store. This methodology can be applied to a variety of businesses. Invite suggestions and comments from your customers, through ballots and via online comment forms. It would be great to even offer a prize or a coupon for the most original and useful suggestions. Also the best comment could be featured online or onsite at your company.

Depending on the type of business you operate, your consumer involvement will vary. Perhaps a clothing store could allow shoppers to participate in a fashion show. Obviously there would need to be an adequate and professional registration & screening process. Consumers who sign-up as contestants, are likely to only purchases from the store that has the most excellent contests. Likewise, consumers who are enthusiastic about wanting to showcase your stores clothes will surely want to buy them.
Marketing for customer inclusiveness can also be applied to businesses in food services. If you operate a restaurant, or other food service business, then you might want to hold a draw, for at least ten customers, which offers a complimentary cooking lesson. This culinary demonstration would feature the main chef of the eatery and encourage attendees to prepare meals at the event.  Also, guests should receive copies of recipes, from the session, to take home with them.
Supermarkets, or superstores, could offer a super-shopper a shopping-spree. This privilege could be offered to every 100th shopper, daily or weekly. Smaller venues could offer prizes or discounts to customers who frequently redeem coupons at the store. In Toronto, great coupons can be obtained from: bestprintcoupons.com.
Service related companies could request customer reviews. Prizes could be offered for the best written comments on improvement. It is surely better to request comments / constructive criticism, than to have complaints brought by disgruntled customers. A competition for the best submitted suggestions will encourage consumers to share their opinions, and also simultaneously promote your business. Consumers will be happy to offer ideas for service / product improvement. Customers, who will take the time to write a well-written remark, are loyal and committed to the improvement of your company.
Businesses in the same shopping mall could merge campaigns when developing contests for customers. Patrons who shop at the mall will be more apt to shop there regularly, if they know they will be eligible to win a contest or prize. Even competing companies could participate in a similar customer reward / loyalty process. Visitors to the mall could purchase, at one company or the other; but it is likely that a customer will occasionally want to sample the competing company’s products. Competition is a great way to generate business for many businesses.
Written by: Zack Steel of  www.bigpitch.ca

10 Fall Foods Your Family Should Try

Fall is a great time to explore the fruits and vegetable aisles at the grocery store or farmers market; so many varieties of squashes and colourful root vegetables await discovery.  Not to mention the cooler days mean the perfect opportunity to add Fall veggies to soups, stews, slow cookers and roasting pans. 

Use the bounty of Fall produce to introduce your family to new flavours and teach them the difference between a parsnip and a rutabaga.  You never know, there just might be a new vegetables in there that they like (who knew my 11 year old daughter liked turnip!). If there are no takers for the brussel sprouts not to worry, you can still add some of these great Fall Foods into the dishes the kids already like with these meal ideas.

So many squashes to choose from: green ones, yellow ones, round ones, long ones and so many different flavours.  Try them all.  Spaghetti squash is scooped out with a fork after it is cooked and creates spaghetti like strands, hence its name.  Butternut and acorn squash are the more traditional orange squash full of beta carotene.
Meals Ideas: Top spaghetti squash with a your favorite spaghetti sauce and you have an alternative to noodle night.  Cook, puree and add squash to soups with roasted garlic or this macaroni and cheese recipe - kids will love it!

We go apple picking every Fall but this year I did something a little extra.  I purchased 8 different varieties of apples and the whole family did a taste test at the kitchen table of all the apple varieties and guess what? After 9 years of eating Gala apples we all found a new favorite – Honey Crisp!
Meal Ideas: Apples go great with pork in the slow cooker, green apple in your curry and apples and apple sauce are perfect for baking in everything from these Chocolate Zucchini Cookies to this overnight slow cooker oatmeal or use apple chips in these apple cinnamon granola bars.

Sweet Potato
Versatile and healthier than regular white potatoes, especially when eaten with the skin on, make the sweet potato a valuable addition to your weekly vegetable rotation.
Meal Ideas: Boiled, roasted, mashed, baked whole or as fries, the options are almost endless. Peeled, cooked and pureed sweet potato can be added to soups, stews, sauces and adds great colour and flavour to hummus for dipping.
Such a funky fruit once you peel back the layers and a good source of potassium, fibre and Vitamin C but how do you get at all those seeds? A request to buy a pomegranate from one of the kids, a lesson on how to slice then peel back the skin to form wedges similar to an orange from the internet, and we are now a pomegranate eating family.
Meal Ideas: Pick seeds out of wedges and eat as is or sprinkle on salads, cereal or morning oatmeal for a sweet crunch.

Brussel Sprouts
You either love ‘em or hate ‘em but you can’t deny these mini members of the cabbage family are good for you. 
Meal Ideas: They can be sliced and eaten raw in a salad or steamed whole as a side dish. If you are not a fan, try slow roasting them in the oven with a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a new flavour and give them another try.

Round, small and purple, the turnip is often confused with the rutabaga (or the rutabaga is confused with a turnip) either way, these winter wonders are harsh tasting to some and yummy to others.  Experiment and if nothing works they are great pureed and slipped into quiche, casseroles and soups.
Meal Ideas: Turnip can be grilled, sautéed, roasted or eaten raw but are commonly boiled in water with a potato to remove any bitter taste then enjoyed mashed on their own or with your favorite spices. Can be mixed with mashed carrots for a colourful Autumn dish.

The sweet partner to the turnip and root vegetable family, parsnips have a nutty flavour, are loaded with folate and fibre and look like over grown white carrots. The kids think they taste like carrots too when cooked.
Meal Ideas: Wash and peel if skin in thick, then chop and cook in soups and casseroles, roast in oven or cut length wise to make yummy parsnip fries. 

Dates, or date palms, grow on long strands in palm like trees in hot climates and are harvested in the Fall. This sweet fruit is high in fibre, antioxidants, potassium and iron and is very versatile.
Meal Ideas: Large dates can be stuffed with blue cheese, goat cheese or melon, wrapped in prosciutto  and served as an appetizer, eaten as is for a sweet treat or ground with rolled oats to make these no bake, nut free Chocolate Power Balls that even the kids will love.

Thanksgiving and turkey dinners have made the cranberry a staple fruit in the Fall but their good for you nutritional profile suggests we should be eating these more often.
Meal Ideas: Cranberries add a sweet and slightly tart flavour to any baking and dried cranberries are perfect in these instant oatmeal packs for quick breakfast on the go.

Experiment at with these and more Fall foods at the grocery and get the whole family to try something new. You just might find a new favorite for your warm Autumn meals.

Written by: Deb Lowther
BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She ensures her own kids are having fun while being active and eating healthy.  Writing for many website and magazines, Deb’s goal is to inspire others to raise healthy, active families. Follow her on Twitter @Deb_LowtherPinterest and find more healthy tips on her www.RaisingHealthyKids.co website.


3 Tips to Create A Healthy Back to School Lunch Routine


Its back to school time and, like January, back to school offers the perfect opportunity to start a new routine and create new healthy habits!  

My kids have been in school full time now for a few years and each school year the morning madness does get a bit easier, in part because I hand out tasks and expect them to do much of their own school prep.

Kids Can Help

Set your kids up to help themselves with a kids’ shelf in the pantry that has all their cereal, bowls, spoons, and cups and have them prepare and eat breakfast on their own starting at age 3 or 4. Create a special place designated for forms, artwork, library books and assignments that come home from school, get the kids involved in choosing healthy snacks and even making their own school lunch.  If mornings are tight on time, have the kids pick out school clothes and pack backpacks the night before.

The more involved the kids are in their back to school routine, the easier mornings and night befores will be!

Give the Kids Jobs
Kids are more than capable.  Sit down as a family and discuss what your expectations are for them individually i.e. getting dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, eat breakfast. Then discuss what needs to be done to contribute to the family getting to work and school on time, such as walking the dog, emptying the dishwasher and making school lunches. 

Divide up tasks, making sure they are age appropriate.  If necessary, rotate jobs on a weekly or monthly basis for fairness, but ensure each family member knows what is expected of them to get out the door without tears or tantrums!

In our house, contribution to the school morning routine is not optional as all hands on deck gets everyone out the door on time. Expectations increase as the kids get older and the kids actually look forward to taking on a more challenging role. Here is what has worked for us so far:

Preschool – JK – SK – get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair, make and eat breakfast

Grade 1 Empty top rack of the dishwasher and put out vitamins

Grade 2 & 3 Fill water bottles, milk containers and empty bottom rack of the dishwasher

Grade 4 & 5 Snacks into snack containers, yogurt into yogurt containers.

Grade 6 Cutting up fruit, making the sandwiches and packing lunch bags.

Assembly Line Lunch
Make the process of making lunch very easy.  Have a container for everything and same food items go into each container every morning.  Sandwich in the large rectangle containers, snacks in the small rectangle, cut up fruit in the large round containers and yogurt in the small round containers, with milk and water in their own bottles.

Create a list to choose from of everyone’s favorite sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, and snacks and ensure kids have easy access to foods they like and you approve of.   We add our own frozen berries to flavour the yogurt and always cut up the fruit taken to school so it is easier to eat and can be enjoyed over both snack breaks.  I see a lot of food waste at my kids school and I find sending my own milk and sliced fruit avoid extras being thrown away.

Some ideas from my kids:
Sandwich – nitrate free chicken or turkey slices, cheese, WOW Butter and apples, chicken wrap, homemade chicken fingers, pasta

Fruit – Apples, grapes, melon, ½ banana in peel, nectarines, orange

Yogurt – plain or vanilla greek yogurt with frozen raspberries, blueberries, mango or strawberries and a small container of granola for topping.

Filler Snacks – pretzels, rice crackers, rice cakes, raisons, dried apricots, dried cereal such as Shreddies, Mini Wheats or Cheerios

Home Baked Snacks
My kids take a filler snack like pretzels or dried cereal in case they are extra hungry that day, and also a homemade snack that provides fibre and nutrients from fruit and vegetables without the artificial ingredients, preservatives and added sugar of store bought snacks.

I wasn’t happy with the packaged, processed granola bars or muffin cookies available on store shelves so started baking healthy muffinsbrownies, cookies and banana bread full of oats, flax, fruit, pureed vegetables and lots of chocolate chips.  Every 3 weeks I spend an evening baking and store in the freezer where the kids have easy access to choose their favorite for their school lunches.

Even if you don’t make it a regular habit, switching out store bought stacks for home made a few lunches a week will make a healthy difference!

Take this years back to school as an opportunity to set some new routines that add healthy habits to your mornings and your school lunches!

Written by: Deb Lowther

banana bread full of oats - http://raisinghealthykids.co/2014/07/08/school-snacks-healthy-oatmeal-banana-bread/

 BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She contributes Family Health articles to many websites and magazines and ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy & staying active.  Find more inspiring tips on her website http://www.raisinghealthkids.co and follow her on both Twitter @Deb_Lowther and Pinterest.


5 New Years Resolutions You Should Make & How to Keep Them

It will soon be the start of a New Year and time to get those New Years Resolutions formulated.  Some say they are a waste of time, but why not create a new you? Why not make healthy changes? Why not set some new goals for yourself? Why not make 2015 the year you get to the gym, start eating kale and get 7 hours of sleep.  You deserve to be the best you that you can be.  Let the planning begin. 

The first step to making healthy changes is to make a commitment to healthy changes! Setting new goals is fantastic.  We are never too old to improve or to learn something new.  A new year is a fresh start to make some great improvements. Visualize and be mindful of the change you want to make and take small steps to achieve and create new habits.

So go ahead – here are 5 New Years Resolutions everyone should make and some helpful ideas to keep you on track.  Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Exercise More
Get this one to the top of your list.  You’ve heard the expression ‘move it or lose it’? Well its true.  Remember doing cartwheels as a kid? Easy-Peasy. Have you tried to do one in the last 20 years? Don’t. Your body forgot how to do a cartwheel a long time ago! If you don’t keep moving and keep lifting and keep getting some aerobic activity into your week, you will soon not be able to climb a flight of stairs without heavy breathing.

Add in simple at home activities 2-3 times a week
Go for a walk
Do a yoga DVD
Climb the stairs at the office or even at home
Do 10 push ups, 20 squats and 45 second plank every day

When you have the hang of at home workouts, add in classes at your local gym or yoga studio or join a learn to run group.

Eat More Vegetables
Be mindful of meal time preparations and start with a healthy shopping cart by filling it with loads of vegetables.   Then add them to everything!

Vegetables in every meal
Add extra broccoli, carrots, corn, peppers to soups and stews
Have a side of sweet potato fries with a veggie burger
Puree squash, cauliflower and spinach and add to mac & cheese or even brownies
Bake zucchini muffins or cookies for school lunches

Play More
Get on your snow pants and get outside to play with the kids, fill your weekends with lots of outdoor play and indoor family fun at recreation centres.

Make play part of your week
Try Geocaching
Frisbee or Catch
Indoor rock climbing

Eat Breakfast
Simple concept, but many mornings are so busy breakfast is no more than a cup of coffee; it's no wonder you are lethargic by 11am.  Make eating breakfast your most important new habit. Have easy and quick breakfast items on hand so breakfast on the go is healthy and convenient.

Make a list of easy breakfast ideas
These Oatmeal packs require boiling water and ready in 3 minutes
Hard boiled egg and an apple is a protein and fibre rich breakfast
Yogurt, berries and granola in grab and go containers fill you up
Glass of fortified orange juice with a handful of almonds

Get More Sleep
Easier said than done for many, but research shows getting a good nights rest is important to our health.  If you are too busy to go to bed earlier, it will catch up with you and you’ll be nursing a cold and busier than ever. Have trouble falling asleep? Try some non medicinal remedies to make sleeping easier or end your day with a relaxing yoga practice.

Try relaxing with a chamomile tea before bed
Eating fruits rich in melatonin such as cherries can aid in restful sleep
Sunflower seeds contain tryptophan - an amino acid that aids in sleep

The best part about these New Years Resolutions is that you can start on them right now! Get to work making small changes and improving your health and wellness before ringing in the New Year. Give yourself the gift of a health!  All the best in 2015! 

Written by: Deb Lowther

5 simple steps to teach your child positive organizational skills

Effective organizational skills are a key component in lifelong success. With ongoing educational and social demands, it is essential that we implement routines and systems to help our children manage responsibilities, plan ahead and develop positive organizational skills.


Here’s how.


Letting Go. Schedule regular de-cluttering sessions, choosing one area at a time so kids remain focused.  Hold up each item and simply ask “yes” or “no?”  Place the “yes” items into a keep pile and the “no” items into a bag for charity.  Keep it fun by setting a target number of “no” items and encourage your child to reach their goal.   


Giving Back. Teach your children that there are other kids less fortunate then they are.  Knowing that they’re giving their old toys and clothing to those in need helps to keep them motivated during the de-cluttering process.      


A home for everything & everything in its home. Categorize your keep items using small containers or Ziploc bags and use labels or photos to show where everything goes.  When your child is done playing with a toy encourage them to put it back in its “home.”


Scheduling & Time Management. Children learn from visual reminders.  Create a large, wall calendar and get them involved by having them write down their weekly activities.  Make use of stickers or photos for younger children.


Punctuality. Before lights-out help your children prepare their lunch, knapsack and clothes for the next day.  This will reduce morning confusion so that everyone gets to where they need to be on time.


Order in the House provides our clients with valuable, professional advice by helping you de-clutter, create customized solutions to suit your lifestyle and encourage positive habits to maintain an organized space, so you can live a more balanced life.


Written by Rachael Kalinsky, professional organizer & owner of Order in the House       For more information or to schedule a FREE phone consultation contact us at

647.449.1248 or www.orderinthehouse.ca

5 Tips to Keep Kids Active All Summer

Schools Out! While kids are jumping for joy, parents all over the neighbourhood are wondering what the heck are we going to do to keep the kids busy all summer! While summer camps are great, not all families choose all day camps and even if they do, there are still another 4-5 evening hours that kids are looking for something to do.

Being Active & Free Play

The benefits of kids being active (<-- add your LINK) range from stronger bones, muscles, improved balance and coordination to increased attention span and being all round happier kids.  A recent article by Canadian Press looked at the overall benefits to kids that are afforded outdoor free play in addition to being a part of a team organized sports.  Something as simple as getting dirty and chasing frogs can open a childs' mind, inspire creativity and create a connection to nature while still benefiting from being active.

However, there is a fine line between giving kids hours of free time to be active and hearing the dreaded words “I’m bored” after the first week of summer break. What can parents do to help engage their children in free play and encourage kids to be active all summer long?

5 Tips to Keep Kids Active All Summer

Time to Play
If you have your kids running to arts camp, music lessons, grocery stores and grandma house they may not have enough down time to just be active in the yard, on the street or at the park.  Give kids time each day or at least a few times a week where they have a couple hours to just play outside.  If you give them suggested activities (digging for worms, building a outdoor fort, skipping rope tug of war) to get them started, it won't be long before their imagination takes over.

Tools to Play
Kids are super creative, it won't take much to inspire them to be active  no expensive equipment required.  A bin full of skipping ropes, hoola hoops, tennis rackets, butterfly or fishing nets, badminton rackets, a frisbee, soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, beach ball, and sidewalk chalk are just a few of our favorites.  Kids will tie skipping ropes to hoola hoops, draw finish lines with chalk, catch dandelions with fishing nets and impress you with the games and activities they can invent.

Active Role Model
Be active yourself.  If you are encouraging your kids to get outside from the other end of the couch, they are not likely to take you too seriously.  Go for walks, get back on your bike, take up a new sport like roller blading, collect neighbourhood parents to create a fun volleyball league or re visit an old favorite like swimming lengths.

Active Friends
Having active friends can make a difference – find friends with pools, with trampolines, friends who love to bike to the park, who play soccer or have a basketball net in the driveway and just try and sit still inside!

Participate in Fun
I’m looking to You! Get outside WITH your kids. Show them who is hoola hoop King (or not!), challenge kids to a skipping contest, try hop scotch, play frisbee and see if you can still do a cartwheel. Get some running shoes and go explore neighbourhood parks and forests together and don’t be afraid to make a big splash the next time you are at the pool with the kids.
Make a commitment to be active this summer and then make the time to explore the neighbourhood on bikes or on foot, walk to get ice cream instead of drive and invest in inexpensive toys for the yard that will inspire imagination, creativity and most important, active outdoor fun!

article by Canadian Press - http://raisinghealthykids.co/in-the-media/
Written By: Deb Lowther

 Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She contributes Family Health articles to many websites and magazines and ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy & staying active.  Find more inspiring tips on her website http://www.raisinghealthkids.co and follow her on both Twitter @Deb_Lowther and Pinterest.

A child in nature is an endangered species?!

Today’s world is becoming so technologically oriented that many of our children are losing touch with the natural world.  WHIMZ Live Animal Programs offer the opportunity for hands on experiences with living creatures.

The WHIMZ staff is an enthusiastic and extremely creative group of people. All staff members are well trained and highly experienced in working with people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, to deliver an exciting, fun and informative program specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients and their specific events.

WHIMZ presents live animals that can help us teach about their families in the wild.  Our animals come from diverse backgrounds and places across the globe. We hope to inspire a respect for the earth and its treasures by pointing out the importance of each creature and its habitat and how you can make a difference in your own neighborhood.

With concerns about exhausting resources, global warming and endangered species WHIMZ can help make the connection to our changing world.  When we learn to take care of the little creatures, we are learning to care for our planet and ourselves.  Toronto is home to some of the most amazing urban green spaces in the world.  Why not take your family out and explore nature.  What can you find on the ground, in the water, in the trees, in the air? You might just find an amazing connection to each other.


Tracy Guerin, President/Owner Whimz Inc.

BESTPRINTCOUPONS ! New Website Helps People Shop Locally

Check out the article written about BestPrintCoupons.com at Snap Woodbridge.


Local resident Lara Kramer has launched a brand new website called BestPrintCoupons.com, which offers a broad range of printable coupons for restaurants, attractions, birthday parties and more! It’s a one-stop-shop for discounts on everything local consumers could possibly need! With no other site quite like this one in or around Toronto, BestPrintCoupons.com is expected to become wildly popular. Lara also puts out a bi-annual publication called Magazine Familia, which reaches over 85,000 homes in the GTA. Following suggestions by many of her regular clients and readers, she recently launched her new site, BestPrintCoupons.com. Lara has plans of expanding, but not until she is certain she can provide high volumes of great coupons here in Vaughan that everyone can enjoy. Help spread the word! Let your friends and family members know about this fabulous new site – there is a very good chance they’ll find a coupon or two to spark their interest and help them shop locally!


Can You Help Me Spread the Word...

Dear fellow internet user,


I'm a dedicated mom with four beautiful kids, forged together with a very strong passion for what I do. I love being a work at home mom, because it means that I can be there for them as they need me the most, while I watch them grow. At the same time, I am also the type of mom that without hesitation or an after-thought, will easily take them with me on sales calls as needed!


My three loves, my children, husband and business-sales, have allowed me to deftly multi-task; sometimes, nursing my kids for hours on end, while cradling the phone in the other hand, making and closing deals.


I have worked lovingly and tirelessly to create a website that I truly believe-in, and one that I know would be highly valued and shared by many. The path hasn’t been easy or paved with gold. Spending many long and lonely hours working independently on different ways to get visitors to my site, in addition to paying  money to help with the local hits and traffic; can be challenging even at the best of times!


In addition to SEO and optimization, I now also make the time to write and syndicate some of my own blogs. With nearly twenty-years of couponing experience behind me in print publications, I felt it was finally time to go on-line and expand my boundaries! Strangely enough, I do this simply because, I absolutely love selling and working with coupons. It’s just my business way of giving! :)


Hopefully, when you visit my site and get to read some of my passionate posts, you will also see my desire for what I do. Honestly, I can’t say it enough, I love coupons and I truly love to help people, by showing them how to save money, while at the same time, helping them put more money in their pockets.


Now, after about 7 months online, I am very proud and excited that I have been able to develop such great sponsorship and local business support; adding a great new business each and every week!


Modestly enough, I began here in Toronto; and recently, I have now added a few businesses in Niagara as well; all the while, making plans to expand to Montreal; eventually, and hopefully, right across Canada. If your city is not listed, that doesn't mean I won't be in your vicinity very shortly; and of course, I am always looking for experienced sales reps, that feel the same way as I do, and are willing to lend a hand. It always follows: Helping people SAVE can also help YOU make money.


For now, I do almost everything on my own. I've done my homework, and I haven't found another site quite like mine. I feel it is totally unique, offering better quality and value; and the coupons are free. Who doesn't love FREE?



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Can you really get stuff for free?

Who doesn’t love a good deal; better yet, who doesn’t love FREE? That’s right; there really are some products out there that you can get, even without paying a cent! Aside from contests and similar promotions; if you are vigilant, you can catch many freebie promotions that cross your path.


Often grocery stores want consumers to try out their products with the hope of your liking them, and then, coming back again and again, while paying full price. There are different sites out there that will help you find these “Freebies”. From time to time, most stores do offer giveaways and freebies. For example, this past weekend was Play Day at Toys R Us. They offered many free activities, and actually gave away t-shirts, even some packaged small free toys. Some of the stuff consisted of Kree-O and Sticky Mosaics, and more. It was a wonderful event that was greatly enjoyed by my four children.


Additionally, this week until March 2, McDonald’s is giving away a FREE Hot Brewed Coffee to anyone that wants one. I believe you can go back every day to get one! They’ve run this promotion in the past. To find out about these FREEBIE promotions check out:



Furthermore, if you love coupons then you have to check out: http://www.bestprintcoupons.com; which has free printable coupons from Montreal and Toronto. From attraction coupons, to restaurant coupons to birthday party coupons, this site has definitely got something for everyone! 

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We now have boards dedicated just for the Montreal market.

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Children’s Birthday Parties- The perfect party, no stress and perhaps without the mess!

We’ve all been there. It’s that time of year again. A very special day is coming up soon for your child, it’s almost their birthday. As your child beams with  enthusiasm and lists in detail all the things that they must have at their event, you start to cringing in fear as to how you will get this done; and most importantly, how will you accomplish the task of making this, once again your child’s best party ever!

Nowadays, there are so many options available to families, when getting ready for these special occasions. Whether it’s a party that you plan to have at home, or one that you plan to book a venue; the list of choices go on and on. Additionally, when it comes to loot bags, the choices are also endless.


Factually speaking, there are so many unique party ideas that are now available, that every party or event can be different and unique. One great idea is offered by Safelane. They bring a real Fire-Truck to your location, give a tour of the equipment, teach fire safety and more. http://bestprintcoupons.com/index.php?route=directory/details&bid=74#.Ub9t-vfn-Uk


Click here for $50.00 off your next booking. 

Whimz Live Animal Programs bring animals to your party, and put on a really wonderful show for the kids, heck even the entire family! They also offer camps, after school programs and more. Personally, I found that they really engaged the kids, making for an all around educational and entertaining experience.



Click above for $10.00 off your next party booking.


If you’re looking for a spa party, nowadays you can even have them come to you.  One such company is Spa Birthday Parties for Kids-(Mobile Party).  Let your child be pampered with her friends and watch as they giggle and enjoy themselves. There are different party packages available and they also offer loot bags.

Click here for two different coupon choices:




Depending on the age of your child and how many guests you need to accommodate, this venue is very important. Always, find out the maximum number of kids or adults that they can manage. For younger kids, the parents will need to stay with their children.  For those younger ages a venue is much easier. At such party places they usually do the clean up and you go back home to your own house without the mess. A lot of party places now offer set up, from start to finish; and many offer the option of selling you loot bags as well. As your child gets older it may be a good idea to write on the invitation that it is a Drop-off party; this lets the parents know that they don’t need to remain while their child is having fun.


If you want to add on a clown or magician, there are many different choices available.  Pockets the Clown is phenomenal and has been performing for years. She has grown up in the clowning industry and both of her parents were clowns. She also offers face painting, animal shows, as well as an interactive comedy-magic show. Check here for great savings on your next party.   http://bestprintcoupons.com/index.php?route=directory/details&bid=17#.Ub9wYffn-Uk



Putting Edge is another phenomenal venue, offering Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Golf. My kids have been to parties there, and they all came out full of smiles. It’s such a fun and happy  place. Click here for $20.00 off your next party booking, as well as a 2 for 1 coupon for regular admission.   http://bestprintcoupons.com/index.php?route=directory/details&bid=5#.Ub9w_ffn-Uk

So, if you want your child’s birthday to be a piece of cake, take some time and research in advance some of your child’s ideas. Have them be involved in selecting the theme. Your child is likely very excited about his/her special day and perhaps wants to help out with the invitations. Handmade invitations are lots of fun as well. There are many sites out there, that you can find that offer children’s party games, and all kinds of excellent ideas from treats to loots. Make this a happy time, and don’t stress. Have fun preparing this special day, and make your child’s next party a Piece of Cake!  


For other great birthday party venues, or entertainers along with more great coupons, head over to: http://www.bestprintcoupons.com



Lara Kramer

Mom to four wonderful kids, and owner of bestprintcoupons.com






*Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills over 900 adults each day in Canada. That is about 335,000 of the 550,000 annual deaths from coronary heart disease.

*The Canadian Heart Association states that 95% of SCA victims die before reaching a hospital.

*Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) is the most common cause of SCA. VF is a disruption in the normal electrical rhythm of the heart and can often be corrected quickly with a defibrillator.

*An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) resets the heart’s normal electrical impulses in a VF victim by delivering an electric shock.

*Brain death from lack of oxygen usually begins in 4 minutes and is usually complete in less than 10 minutes.

*CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) supplies a limited amount of oxygen to the brain, delaying the death of cells.

*Immediately providing CPR can double a person’s chance of survival, and the sooner CPR is started, the greater the chance of survival.

*Around 75% of cardiac arrests happen in people’s homes so you will probably perform CPR on a family member or friend.

*A typical SCA victim is a man 60-65 years old or a woman 65-70 years old, but it can happen to people of any age.

*SCA occurs twice as often in men as in women.

*There is yet to be a documented case of HIV being transmitted due to performing CPR.

*The first out-of-hospital defibrillation device weighed over 100 pounds. AEDs now weigh less than 5 pounds.

CPR saves lives and as more people become trained and AEDs become more common, more lives can be saved.


For more information on CPR, First Aid, and Defibrillation training contact Mark at Stamar EMS 647-991-7360 or our web site www.stamarems.com

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DIY Birthday Parties

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Trying to do it on the cheap seems almost impossible these days. It is however, possible. We often think we have to follow the norm but who said a birthday party has to be cookie cutter? Kids expectations are only such because we create them. The classic home birthday party will excite any child. So go ahead create a DIY birthday party that will wow the kids and parents! Harry had his first birthday party and was ecstatic about playing games (hide and seek, sports appropriate to the weather, pin the tail on the donkey, you get the idea) then there was the food…what kid doesn’t love pizza, chips, pop/juice, cake and other sweet treats? Don’t worry so much about nutrition it’s all about just having fun! If you have a few extra dollars, bring in some entertainment; if not go to the local art and crafts store and pick out a craft. Kids love to make things. Then instead of giving out loot bags, why not make the craft the ‘loot bag.’ After all don’t we usually buy things that only end up at the bottom of the toy box? Waste not, want not. Then there are the gifts. Why not ask that the money to be spent on the child be pooled together and given to a charity? This teaches the child the rewards of giving.

It may seem daunting, but think back to the ‘good old days’ and how happy you were to just be able to play with your friends and have some great food. Also, with the internet and probably many eager moms ready to share some creative ideas, you will find a sea of ideas that you can create a birthday party that will not only be memorable but rewarding.

One tip; involve your child in the whole birthday party process. Let them make things so that the party really is a reflection of them.

Harry Purple Monkey Dishwasher is a series of children’s books and plush toys integrated with an interactive website and social media. Come visit Harry at www.harrypurplemonkey.com and check out the pictures of Harry’s First Birthday at www.facebook.com/harrypurplemonkeydishwasher

Dollar Cinema Coupons

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Dress up your little girl or teen girl with excellent accessories at great prices!


Little girls love to dress up, as they also love to compliment their fashion-sense with just the right accessories. Buying different accessories to add to your daughters’ wardrobe can get costly; but this doesn’t have to be the case. With discounted coupons from Best Print Coupons, a popular coupon website, you can begin to experience huge savings on all kinds of beautiful handmade accessories for your daughter; ones, you may be surprised to discover, she may never want to remove.

We also offer a wide range of party coupons and party planning ideas; including  ones from Charms 4 You! Here, they offer personalized birthday parties, and they bring the party to you! This party idea is quite original, and your guests even get to create their own loot bag. The variety of charms is endless, and the girls have so much fun picking and creating their own bracelets. This party is guaranteed to bring a smile on your little girl’s face; while her friends make her feel like a princess. For your older girls they do Sweet 16's and even graduation parties! The best part of this fabulous party idea is that you can still receive 25% off your next booking here:

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Fall Family Fun: 10 Ideas to Take it Outside

There is nothing quite like a gorgeous Fall day when the sun is shining and the leaves falling from the trees are every shade of red, yellow and orange.  Even though the temperatures are also falling, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to take your family outside and make some lasting memories! 

10 Ideas to Take Your Family Outside

I guarantee there are hidden gems within a 45 minute drive that are just begging to be explored.  Water falls, tucked away lakes, rolling hills and trails leading through gorgeous forests. Get out there and enjoy.  Google hiking trails around you, check out local ski hills that might be open for Fall rides on the chair lifts or follow that path into the forest near your house just to see where it leads. 

A great outdoor experience for the whole family, Geocaching is catching on! The sport of using GSP co-ordinates from your smart phone to find hidden treasures and log books is happening all over the world and right in your own backyard.  A simple download of the Geocaching app and you only need to hit one button that says “Find Nearby Geocaches” and you are off. It will lead you by compass and distance markers right to the area where you need to start looking in bushes, under logs and hanging from tree branches for the hidden cache. When you find it there will be a log book to sign and maybe a treasure to take, as long as your replace it with a new treasure for someone else.  Check out www.geocaching.com for more information.

Corn Maze
So many local farms are getting in on the Corn Maze craze! Some are elaborate with 20 km of intricate design that families can explore and answer skill testing questions as they go.  Others are easy fun mazes that kids can run in and out of for hours.  Google corn mazes in your area and support local farmers by checking them out.

Apple Picking
The season starts in early September and goes to late October and is a perfect family fun activity. If you are lucky the apple orchard will also have pumpkins on hand and wagon rides. Try all the varieties of apples the farm offers and maybe get your kids in the kitchen when you get home to make some yummy apple pies or healthy Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins for school.

Bike Path
Get those bikes and helmets out and strap on the training wheels. Most cities now boast bike paths that are even riding terrain for the newest cyclists in your family. Bike riding on new paths lead to new adventures and if you plan your journey right, you may even end up at an ice cream shop! 

Horseback Riding
If you have older kids, why not look for a local horse stable that offers Trail Rides.  Many have staff on hand that will walk along side riders as young as 3 and have horses that are gentle with beginner riders.

How good is your aim? Think outside the fruit farm and look for Conservation areas or Harvest Festivals nearby that offer archery or log cutting. 

Visit a Pioneer Village
Wonder what they do at a Pioneer Village? Go check it out. You might just learn how to make sausages or see demonstrations on candle dipping, historic cooking, apple schnitzing, or grain threshing! Who doesn’t want to learn about apple schnitzing?

Go Fly A Kite
The wind that sets those fall leaves free from the trees is excellent for flying a kite at a nearby park or soccer field. And running with that kite will have the kids flushed and giggling all afternoon.

Leaf Jumping

No Fall Family Fun is complete without a giant pile of leaves to jump in and mess up! Get in on the action. Collect leaves from all the neighbours lawns, rake them into a giant pile and then spend the afternoon rolling around in them with your kids. I promise they will never forget the fun they had watching you make a mess of the leaves.

So much fun to be had outdoors, don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and events in your own community.  You may be surprised at how many new Fall Family Traditions you can create!
By: Deb Lowther
Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins - http://raisinghealthykids.co/2014/04/15/school-snacks-oatmeal-applesauce-muffins/

BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She contributes Family Health articles to many websites and magazines and ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy & staying active.  Find more inspiring tips on her website http://www.raisinghealthkids.co and follow her on both Twitter @Deb_Lowther and Pinterest.

Families benefit from camp matchmaker's support and expertise

Montrealer Aviva Reinitz leads parents through the labyrinthine camp and teen tour selection process by providing professional support and expertise.  The free service is a boon to parents. In this age of specialization, there are camps and teen programs pertaining to every conceivable sport, skill, academic pursuit and travel experience. Furthermore, parents may seek camps that cater to youngsters with special needs, health and dietary regimens.


A devoted wife and mother of two, Reinitz harbors fond memories of the many summers she spent at overnight camp. Moreover, her 13-and 17-year-old daughters have followed her footsteps attending overnight summer camps up north, teen tours and sports programs. Hence, when she was invited in 2009 to come aboard The Camp Experts & Teen Summers, a free summer camp and teen program advisory service, she welcomed the challenge.   Parents don’t pay for the service.  Agents receive a commission from the respective camp, when campers enroll.


“I’m able to apply my knowledge and experience as a camper, parent and business person,” she says, noting the business acumen she acquired during the 18 years, she worked in tandem with her father at his furniture firm in Terrebonne, Quebec.  Fluently bilingual in English and French, Reinitz derives a lot of gratification from her present pursuit. “I love being able to help families and as a mother, it’s handy to be able to work from home.”


 Besides interacting with parents by phone, online and in-person, Reinitz also goes out on the road. She conducts camp fairs and visits camps during the summer. Currently, she is the company’s sole agent in Canada.  


 Established in 1987, The Camp Experts & Teen Summers is headquartered in New York City.  Owner Joanne Paltrowitz liaises with 33 agents from North America, Europe, Asia and other habitats. Agents glean up-to-date information through the company’s database of 1000 different participating camps, teen tours and programs.  Furthermore, agents confer with one another and they develop a close rapport with camp owners.


Last summer, Reinitz visited camps in Ontario, Connecticut, Maine, the Adirondacks, the Berkshires; New Hampshire is next on her list. “We (agents) evaluate them on cleanliness, safety, facilities, amenities, food, and activities,” she said, pointing out if the camp doesn’t meet company standards, it’s off the list. “On a personal level, I always ask myself, ‘Would I send my children here?’”


Today, many teenagers want to gain exposure to different fields, Reinitz observes. Some look for internship programs to prepare for a profession, hone language skills, engage in community service or test the territory.  At the other end of the spectrum, Reinitz says parents sending their youngsters to camp for the first time appreciate empathy and advice. Besides the venue and type of camp, parents often look for two or four-week sessions, instead of a full season. Furthermore, Reinitz takes the family’s budget into account, suggesting there are camps to suit all pocketbooks.


An ardent camp advocate, Reinitz says campers make lifelong friendships, develop new interests and learn to be independent.  Grateful parents invariably call to tell her what a good time their children had and how they can’t wait to return the next season.


For information, phone Aviva Reinitz at (514) 481-9000, or email aviva@campexperts.com or visit www.campexperts.com

Fast Facts On Fat- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


We have been inundated with the term ‘fat free’ in the media, at the grocery store and in health magazines, leading us to believe that going fat free is the healthy route.  Truth is, once fat is removed chemicals, sugars, refined carbohydrates and fillers are added to replace the flavour the fat once provided.  Consuming fat is OK, even healthy, as long as you know the facts on fat and can distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly!
What does Fat-Free Mean
Fat free does not mean calorie free, nor does it mean eat as much as you like, or that this product is healthier that the full fat version.  What is does mean is that the food has less than 0.5 grams of fat per serving.  It will generally contain fewer calories and can be used to replace higher fat choices, but using fat free foods as a license to eat more, will usually not work.  The obesity rates for Americans has doubled in the last 20 years, the same time frame in which we have had this must eat ‘fat free’ mentality.  Clearly, fat free isn’t working!
How Much Fat is OK
A healthy diet allows for 30% of your daily calories to come from fat. For the average person consuming 2000 calories per day, this would mean 600 calories or 66 grams of that can come from fat and still be a healthy diet (1 gram of fat = 9 calories).  The key is to eat more good fats and less bad fats. 
The Good
Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are known as the “good fats” because they reduce your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and improve overall health.
Good monounsaturated fats include olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, avocadoes, olives, almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews, peanuts, peanut butter.   Good polyunsaturated fats are soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, soymilk and tofu.
The Bad
Saturated fats and trans fats are known as the "bad fats" as they lead to disease, increased weight and poor health.  Saturated fats and trans fats tend to be solid at room temperature like butter or margarine, while the good fats tend to be liquid like olive oil.
Examples of saturated fats that should be consumed in moderation, if not avoided, include high fat cuts of meat like beef, lamb or pork, chicken with the skin on, whole fat milk and cream, butter, ice cream, palm and coconut oil, and lard.
The Ugly
Trans fats are just plain ugly and should not be a part of your diet as they contribute to major health problems from heart disease, weight gain, and clogged arteries to cancer.  A trans fat is a normal fat molecule that has been deformed during a process called hydrogenation.  Partially hydrogenating vegetable oils makes them more stable and less likely to spoil, which is very good for food manufacturers but very bad for your health.
The primary source of trans fats in our diet comes from commercially-prepared baked goods and snack foods that have found their way to pantries and kids school lunches.  Anything with the term “partially hydrogenated oil” in the ingredients list, even if the food claims to be trans fat free, is never a healthy option.  Trans fats can be hiding in the 'healthy muffin', the 'whole grain' cookie and even in some brands of vitamins, make sure you read your labels.
Trans fat foods to avoid include commercially baked pastries, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes and pizza dough, in packaged snacks like crackers, popcorn, chips, cake mixes, pancake mixes and chocolate drink mixes, in fried foods such as french fries, chicken nuggets and breaded fish and in candy bars.
Simple Ways to Eat More With Less
•Use olive oil in place of butter
•Eat a handful of almonds in place of cookies
•Add good fats to your salads like olives, avocados & seeds
•Top salads with rice wine vinegar in place of prepared dressing
•Serve Omega 3 rich salmon or tuna in place of red meat
•Choose beans and legumes to thicken chili and soups in place of ground meat
•Enjoy raw or roasted veggies in place of deep fried
•Bake whole grain, fruit filled snacks instead of buying packaged
•Make your own breaded fish and chicken nuggets and bake instead of fry
•Find healthy alternatives to salty, crunchy snacks – try kale chips or roasted chick pea’s
Choose good fats more often, read ingredient lists carefully when considering choosing a fat free option and avoid the ugly trans fats always!
Omega 3 - http://www.adultgummies.com/blog/fast-facts-omega-3s.aspx
whole grain, fruit filled snacks - http://www.iron-kids.com/news_article_name/healthy-snacks-apple-cheddar-bars.aspx
salty, crunchy snacks - http://www.adultgummies.com/blog/healthy-snack-habits-sweet-salty-crunchy-cravings.aspx
BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs on dozens of websites about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy & staying active.  To read more articles and see her favorite recipes starring squash and spinach that she promises even your kids will love, visit her websites www.iron-kids.com  &  www.adultgummies.com  or visit her on Twitter @KidsGummyMum or Facebook at IronKids.Health and Adult Essentials

Find Your Winter Mojo!

The Winter blahs are taking hold! The long cold dark days of winter seem never ending and this year we have had it all from rain to ice to snow to sleet and only a few short moments of sunshine.

It can be hard to stay up beat and motivated and before long the winter blahs move in.

Reduce daylight hours, lack of sunshine and staying indoors more can lead to disinterest in activities, increased appetite, and fatigue. Take back your mood and boost your energy with these proven tips that will have you feeling better and put that spring back in your step long before Spring!

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
Research is showing that maintaining a healthy diet may improve your mood. Focus on including fruits and vegetables alongside lean protein and fibre-rich cereals. A good intake of mood-lifting B vitamins from fibre sources such as oatmeal and  grains supply folic acid as well as tryptophan, an amino acid that is used by your body to produce serotonin, that will help to regulate your mood.

The Sunshine Vitamin 

Studies have found that low levels of the sunshine vitamin (Vitamin D) are significantly associated with higher levels of the winter blues. Most Canadians are already at risk of vitamin D deficiency in the winter with their northern latitude and significantly less time spent outdoors. Canadian adults need 600 IU of vitamin D per day. Good dietary sources include fatty fish, fish liver oils and egg yolks as well as fortified foods such as milk, margarine and some cereals.

Fish for Dinner
A deficiency of omega 3 has been seen as a contributing factor to mood. A 2006 review article in the Journal of Psychiatry identified that high fish eating countries such as Iceland have lower rates of seasonal affective disorder despite their northern latitude. However, as omega-3 rich fish diets change to a typical western diet, the rate of depression and S.A.D. increased. While omega 3 is also found in vegetarian sources (e.g nuts), it isn’t clear whether they will have the same beneficial effect as omega-3 rich fish oils. Good dietary sources include salmon, mackerel and herring. Six ounces of salmon per week will provide approximately 500 milligrams of DHA + EPA per day. Up your intake of omega 3 or supplement as necessary.

Get Outside - Everyday
Sunshine and fresh air do your body, heart and mood wonders. Get outside for a walk on your lunch hour, pull on the snow pants and get outside with the kids after school or meet up with a friend for coffee outside! Take the stairs, join a hot yoga class, buy a new muscle toning DVD, do something to keep yourself moving. 

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, get your vitamin D, serve fish a couple times a week and stay active inside and outside to boost those happy hormones and find your Winter Mojo!
By: Deborah Lowther

BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She contributes Family Health articles to many websites and ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy & staying active.  See more posts from Deborah on www.iron-kids.com  &  www.adultessentials.com  or follower her on Twitter @KidsGummyMum

For the love of coupons

Coupons, coupons, and more coupons! These days, who doesn’t love to save! And, as cost conscious parents, there is no shame in using them. Coupons are fun to use, while saving you lots of money. Couponing without a doubt is worth your time and effort; because if properly done, will lead to much more money in your pocket!


In order to maximise your couponing experience, one should get organized. Have a pair of scissors handy, and make sure you either have a coupon organizer, or any kind of binder to be able to organize your coupons alphabetically. Remember to carefully look through them, and keep an eye open for their expiry date. Too often, I have let a great coupon slip through my fingers, because the time of redemption has elapsed.


Coupons have gone mainstream! From your daily newspapers, to in-store coupons, and now, to coupons on-line! Many of these popular websites offer a wide range of on-line printable coupons. There are some that specialize in grocery coupons, with up-to-the-minute lists of great savings, along with the names of the stores, offering them. You can really benefit by couponing together with price matching, which is also available at many stores. Many on-line sites offer coupons and coupon codes as well; if you are willing to join their mailing lists. Be sure to keep an eye open for them, because they will directly send them to your in-box.


If you’re looking for great on-line coupons, http://www.bestprintcoupons.com is your ticket to big bargains and huge savings! So, do yourself a favor and go on-line; check out the phenomenal printable-coupons and coupon codes available for your family today. With these kinds of savings, anyone can finally shop till they drop!        

Lara Kramer

Owner of Bestprintcoupons.com

Get the Best Discounts at Printable Coupon Websites

At a time when many of the world’s major economies are experiencing a downturn, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are looking for ways to save money. In today’s information age, it has become easier for people to enjoy the best things in life without having to shell out too much money. In the recent years, many reliable websites have emerged that offer a wide range of deals and printable coupons to consumers. The services offered by these websites may prove to be immensely useful when it comes to saving money while buying your favorite items.

Whether we talk of enjoying a romantic dinner in a plush restaurant or shopping with your family in an upscale mall, high prices may play a spoilsport when it comes to spending some quality-time with your loved ones. If you’re in Canada, you can easily buy coupons offered by many reliable coupon websites. On bestprintcoupons.com you can print out free Birthday coupons which make it easier for you to have a top-quality birthday party in a cost-effective manner. This will go a long way when it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday without exceeding your budget.

Offering discounted prices for many products and services, coupon websites have gained immense popularity in Canada and elsewhere. There are many factors that have contributed to the success of these websites in the recent years. The wide range of coupons offered makes it easier for customers to avail the best discounts on their favorite products. From exploring Toronto attractions to kids party entertainment, coupon websites meet all your requirements in a hassle-free manner. Restaurant coupons are immensely popular among those who wish to enjoy their favorite food in some of the best restaurants in Canada. In addition to family coupons, these websites also offer coupons for business.

As most printable coupons websites are easy-to-use and uncluttered, it becomes easier for people to avail the services offered by them. Moreover, these websites offer localized deals, making it convenient for customers to buy their favorite products and services in a hassle-free manner. Whether you are looking for coupons for restaurants or children’s printable coupons,  customers can easily find the best products that match their tastes and preferences. By tying up with local businesses, coupon websites offer exclusive discounts and offers that make the entire shopping experience more pleasurable as well as cost-effective.

If you’re based in Canada, you can easily find a reliable coupon website that offer you exclusive discounts and meets all your requirements.  These websites make it easier for you to avail the best services without burning a hole in your pocket.  Check out bestprintcoupons.com and see what coupons they have waiting for you!

Written by Zack Steel. http://www.bigpitch.ca

Go Camping: Healthy Eating and Decadent Desserts!

I just returned from what was one of the wettest camping trips ever. It wasn’t a sleep-in-the-van-overnight “oops the tent REALLY leaks” wet like we experienced on our 2012 camping adventure but it did rain for a full 15 hours during the day on this trip. And we were with 7 families and 18 kids.  Ice cream and wine got us through. 

Rain aside, this camping trip got me thinking about how we tend to pack for camping and eating out of a cooler for 2-3 days and I realized that just because we are camping, doesn’t mean we have to live on hot dogs and roasted marshmallows.

We certainly did all the traditional favorites, but with a twist. I added fruit to the cones filled with marshmallows that we melted for dessert and we cooked giant lean sausage instead of hot dogs on the open fire with our roasting sticks. We certainly enjoyed more bubbly beverages and chips not made from kale than usual, but we also had salad and corn for dinner and yogurt and eggs for breakfast and our avocado sandwiches were the envy of everyone at the beach.

Knowing we were going to be having extra treats, I tried to plan for at least 2 balanced meals a day while camping. It was not difficult to switch up the usual camping menu of burgers and dogs for something a little healthier and it made room for the extra special treats. On rainy camping days – you need extra treats!

What to Pack for Healthy Eating while Camping

Protein & Fibre Packed Breakfast

These Oatmeal Packs are perfect, just add water. A dozen eggs and loaf of whole grain bread means you can have scrambled eggs one day and French toast the next! Kids will be ready for a full day of camping adventures.

Beach Ready Lunch

Plan for easy make-in-the-morning-then-head-to-the-beach peanut butter and banana sandwiches or nitrate free chicken slices with cheese, tomato and avocado. Cut up apples and take grapes, hummus and veggie sticks. Fill up on the healthy sandwiches and fruit first so you have room for a stop at the ice cream shop before your beach day is done!

Fire Up Dinner

Don’t just throw hamburgs in the cooler and call it a meal – pack boneless chicken breasts and corn on the cob, take chunks of stewing beef and make your own beef kebobs for the grill and trade in unhealthy hot dogs for lean turkey sausages. Have the kids put the sausages on their marshmallow roasting sticks and let them cook dinner over an open fire. Camping fun for sure!

Decadent Desserts

Smores will always be a favorite around here, but this year I surprised the kids with these Grilled Ice Cream Cones and Banana Smores.  By filling a banana instead of a graham cracker with the with marshmallows and chocolate you just created a healthy dessert! And why not try strawberries and bananas melted into mini marshmallows in a cone?  Good fun and good for you!
Enjoy your camping weekend and making marshmallow memories!
Written by: Deb Lowther  

BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She ensures her own kids are having fun while being active and eating healthy.  Writing for many website and magazines, Deb’s goal is to inspire others to raise healthy, active families. Follow her on Twitter @Deb_LowtherPinterest and find more healthy tips on her www.RaisingHealthyKids.co website. 

Greatest Tools for Attracting Website Traffic


After you have built your website or blog – customizing it with social media capability and so forth – you need to make it visitor worthy. You might believe that your website or blog is interesting and that is reason enough for visitors to initially land on your page. But you need to be distinguishable from every other similar and unrelated website or blog. You need to be the diamond of websites / blogs.
To reach this pinnacle, or jewel-like status on the internet, you need to have a colorful and welcoming website. Not too much text, at least on the main page. That is, unless of course your website is meant for the purpose of broadcasting events, or promotions. If you have too much text, then your readers will be overwhelmed with a plethora of information. Conversely if you do not have enough writing on your website, then your followers will have no reason to return to the website or blog.
Perhaps that clear distinction between a website and a blog is an important place to start the discussion on how to develop and maintain your online presence. While a blog contains a biography of the blogger and regular posts on a specific topic(s), a website has a distinctive marketing structure. A website might also contain blog posts. But posts are not the main focus of the website.
Blogs and websites alike have subscribers who are interested in receiving regular written posts from the web portal.  To maintain or increase the readership of your posts, you will need to write interesting articles on a variety of topics. Most importantly, your writing should be consistent. You can compose new posts daily, or weekly, but be consistent.
Readers will want to establish a routine of reading your posts. To ensure readers want to read what you have written, keep your sentences short and your thoughts concise. Consider popular trends and emerging topics when composing your topics. It is best to write about a theme that is in the media, online or otherwise. Or for a blog, you might choose to often write an evolving series of poems or short stories. Whatever you write should be clear and to the point. Usually website / blog readers peruse a post and might just scan the page for key words that they find to be appealing.
Written By: Zack Steel, Director of The Big Pitch and Professional Event Planner. 


Help! Is This Normal? Red Flags in your child's development

As a speech language pathologist working in pediatrics, I've often heard parents describe their children’s individual behavioral peculiarities. Sometimes, these are nothing more than unique personality quirks. However, sometimes they are RED FLAGS of a possible feeding or communication disorder. I'd like to share some of these comments with you so that if you hear yourself thinking or saying any of the following, you will take your child to a paediatric health professional such as a speech-language pathologist, child psychologist or developmental pediatrician to request a thorough assessment of your child's development.




“I think my baby just doesn't like me. She looks away when I come close.”

“I try talking, and singing to Lisa, but she doesn't really like it.”

“Frank coughs a lot when he eats.”

“Nathan doesn't like people. He prefers looking at objects.”


Between twelve and eighteen months:

“Natalie doesn't respond when I call her name.”

“Gianna's quiet. She doesn't babble like other kids.”


At Eighteen Months:

“Gregory doesn't understand what I say.”

“Tom just cries a lot when he wants something.”

“Helena only has about three words.”

“Nicky spins around a lot/lines up his toys/likes unusual things like fans and dust particles.”

“Craig loves letters and numbers, but doesn't understand what they mean.”


At 24 months:

“Samantha has maybe fifteen words.”

“Travis repeats but doesn't seem to understand what he's repeating.”

“Jeremy sometimes stretches his words, like 'dooooooggie,' or repeats sounds, as in 'f-f-f-food,' or repeats words over and over.”

“Kevin's voice is a little unusual for a kid his age.”


Any age (pre-teen):

“Ryan doesn't seem to really listen.”

“Billy was developing nicely but then he just stopped doing what he used to do.”


Shani Lantos M.A. CCC-SLP, Reg CASLPO is the Clinical Coordinator and a Speech Language Pathologist at Collage Pediatric Therapy Centre in Thornhill. She has worked with infants and children demonstrating feeding and communication disorders for seven years. She can be reached by e-mail: slantos@collagetherapies.com and Tel:(905) 660-9690


How to & How Not To Market Your Company

Before building a marketing strategy, be sure that it makes sense. Do you have a catchy tagline? Is your opening sentence captivating? Will read readers be enthralled and have a great desire to read more? If you tagline is likeable, then you need to determine your intended demographic for your promotional campaign.


There is little or no purpose to an offer incentive - to gain customer interest in your products or services, by promising a gift or voucher, as part of your advertising platform - if you are not going to provide it. While you might have initially garnered attention, by offering such a bonus, the value of this prize will immediately decrease once a customer realizes that it is non-existent. Also, don’t waste time or money with campaigns for anything free or partially complimentary, unless your company can certainly provide the services, as specified. The failure to fulfil a commitment is a sure way to lose credibility, in the marketplace, and in the mindset of public opinion about your business.


It might seem bizarre for one to even have to contemplate such preposterous concepts for marketing, yet they are often employed by companies. Instead, a sincere and direct explanation of the value of your products or services, accompanied by some references, will do much more to make your business shine. In your literature, discuss the worth of your merchandise or services, in comparison and contrast with your competitors offerings.


Also, if you rival is suggesting a certain discount or gratuity, then you should propose a greater reduction or reward for customer loyalty. Consumers want to have options for their purchases, and shopping will increase for the companies that are in competition. This is likely, because customers will want to fully maximize the benefits of each company’s incentives. So much so, that patrons will buy much more than they need just, to ensure they have capitalized, to the fullest extent on a company’s coupons or discounts. A certain sense of pride is exalted, when a purchaser feels that they have gotten the most out of a rewards program. 

Written by: Zack Steel of  www.bigpitch.ca

How to Be Effective in the Job Search Process

The onus of a solid job search process rests with an applicant. While seeking employment, one should, first of all, be sure as to the type of work one wants to accomplish; including specific duties and working hours. Knowing one’s skills and abilities and how they could be applied to a certain employer or area of specialization, within the marketplace, are key components to obtaining one’s preferred job.
Does an employer have an equal responsibility to potential applicants? To fairly value everyone’s time – both the employer’s and that of potential candidates – the employer should create detailed and accurate job descriptions. If a position is listed as being a work from home job, then it should solely require one to perform the job duties from home only. Likewise, if the job will require one to attend events and to meet with potential clients, then such a job should not be posted as being a work from home opportunity.
There is no purpose served by inaccurate job descriptions. Surely the employer and the prospective employee will both have wasted their time, if a candidate applies to a job based on the listed description, only to find out that the job is not as it was posted. After a short or long interview process, with numerous questions being asked and many answers provided, both the employer and candidate will have invested valuable time and energy. If there is no potential for a meeting of the minds and for an available job to be filled, then no purpose will have been served by the conference.
As a precursor, to accepting an invitation to an interview, an applicant should reiterate the job posting and confirm the duties as listed, during the initial discussion. Also, a candidate should project confidence when asking questions. The applicant has just as much right to be sure about the employment terms, and the work duties, as does the employer. After all, it is the potential employee who, if hired, will be fulfilling the requirements of the job.
Just as the employer strives to structure the interview process, likewise, the applicant can also direct the consultation method. This balance of equality is extremely important, for both parties to the employment agreement, especially when an offer of employment is being extended and accepted. During negotiations, for salary, benefits and hours of work, an applicant should demonstrate composure.
Rather than seeming eager to accept the advertised remuneration, one should negotiate the compensation through an intelligent dialogue. While one might need employment, one should realize that once one will be employed and achieving great work for one’s employer, one will want to be paid according to the value of one’s productivity. This consideration should be contemplated, therefore, before one signs the employment agreement.
Written by: Zack Steel of  www.bigpitch.ca

How To Develop a Promotional Network


Consider the market of the business professionals with whom you want to network. Ask them: what topics are of interest to them? Write about their services and products. Compose articles that you know they would enjoy reading and which would appeal to their customers.

                Writing articles of value, for your professional network, will increase the likelihood of them promoting and circulating your literary masterpieces. Consider topics that promote their products and services in new ways. Incorporating new slogans or prose into the editorial, along with humor, will surely enrich the worth of the document.

                Businesses are always appreciative of complimentary text, which illuminates their company. Before composing your written material, speak directly with the principal of the business to determine what topics would make for an interesting critique. Also, inquire as to whether or not humour or puns would be acceptable for inclusion in the commentary. Read current publications about the business, written by them or by journalists. Review the style of those compositions and keep them in mind, when creating your article.

                Write two versions of your document. One edition should be created using industry relevant marketing terms and one, in vernacular, or plain language. This way the company will have the option of varied texts. Perhaps they will use one copy in a trade related magazine and the other on their website or in their newsletter.

                Contemporary businesses want to read articles that have been written with industry specific jargon. Whereas, customers want to read text that is both intriguing and exciting. Writing, while considering the audience of readership, will also provide you with focus on key points of curiosity. That being said, if you are going to write numerous articles for the same company, then you should limit your text to one point of focus. Therefore, you will be able to write many articles without your documents seeming redundant. 


Written by Zack Steel of http://www.bigpitch.ca

How to Diversify Your Marketing Package


So let’s say you are a musician who plays at various venues throughout the city. Offer the incentive for guests to be able to request a song for a set tip. Like a jukebox, visitors can choose the song they want to hear for their group. Perhaps it is a birthday, or other special occasion, which would necessitate a specific song, to accompany the celebration.
In all areas of entertainment, a varied selection will ensure joy is multiplied. Perhaps you are an aspiring artist hosting your gallery showing. Why not paint or sculpt onsite, for your valued guests? Possibly, a potential buyer could commission you to create a masterpiece, at the event. This would surely generate great excitement and enrich the event, as well as the artist.
It would be great to mix up the menu options at a restaurant. In addition to what is currently listed and being served – why not offer choice options, which food connoisseurs could request? Or have a special day each week when even, items not listed on the menu, can be requested of the specialty chef. These chosen dishes of delight could cost more. For the soothing of a savoury appetite, however, no price is too high.
Even within the retail setting, marketing options can be managed to ensure increased sales. At a store, which showcases a variety of items that were featured on television – proper use of the unique products, could be displayed onsite, in the store, at set times. It is the active demonstration that creates a desire for customers to purchase the products.
Or at a clothing store, wouldn’t it be great to see a tailor or seamstress creating a new fashion design, or tailoring a suit, at the store entrance? To have the option of a custom tailored or beautifully stitched garment developed before one’s eyes, is a wonderful site, worth more than any fabric on the shelf.
So consider diversifying your marketing packages for increased audience consideration. Nowadays, with so much competition looming, to stay competitive, your campaign needs to capture the attention of your customers.
While your competition is adamant about not meeting customer needs with excuses, such as: “We don’t offer that option here.” Be the unique business, which provides a dazzling show that offers more than customers expect. Your wow-factor will surely generate an increase in sales, and proudly exhibit your staying-power, as an industry leader.
Written by: Zack Steel of  www.bigpitch.ca

How to Increase Customer Interest in your Products & Services

The best way to increase customer interest in your products and services, is to diversify your marketing efforts through a multi-level campaign. Advertise through a variety of mediums, online, in-print, radio and television promotions, and by hosting great networking events. At these events you can generate customer interest in your company, just by being a good host.

Do not make your products and services the main focus of the event. Instead, ensure the focus is on socialising, among the attendees. As guests are dazzled by your great event, they will come to view you and your business as being highly effective and surpassing expectations; while impressing your customers.


Another great way to grow consumer interest in your company is to develop well-written ad copy and by offering coupons for discounts on company offerings. Online printable coupons are a great option for building and maintaining your client-base. With many newspapers and magazines having online editions, readers are eager to search for coupons online, as well.


A phenomenal new website that provides printable coupons, contains wonderful ads, professionally composed articles and has a high ranking on various internet search engines, is BestPrintCoupons.com. This web portal is easy to navigate and is full of fun content, also has a high number of unique visitors, every month.


If your company is going to offer discounts, your business needs to be seen in the best possible format. A great ad, accompanied by a beautifully designed coupon, in full color, is sure to send purchasers to your enterprise. Whether you desire to compose your own article or would like to have one created, your ad on BestPrintCoupons.com will receive wide exposure.


Written by:  Zack Steel of http://www.bigpitch.ca

How to Write Great Ad Copy


Consider the topic of your composition and the purpose of your writing. Be sure to write for your market demographic. Just write with all of your energy.  Grammar, spelling, style, syntax, punctuation, typography should be your concern while you write your initial draft. While writing with great passion, maintain a constant rhythm.


The text for an ad should match the design of the advertisement. If you are writing marketing copy include catchy phrases and quotes, where possible. Crediting the author of the quote is a must and demonstrates professionalism. Too many quotes are not professional though. So only use one where it supports your theme.


The premise of the topic / subject of the copy should be clearly evident in the first line of your text. This is known as an attention grabber. Gain interest with an enthusiastic statement to ensure your readers will want to read more.


So energize your text with much passion. Your heart-felt belief in the marketing effort will touch the emotions of your readers. Demonstrate confidence in your script by using related industry terminology, as well as humorous anecdotes, where possible. Promotional copy must imbue a sense of fun to your audience. Otherwise, readers will lose interest.


Your content should contain options for discounts and value-added benefits for customers to buy from the company you are promoting. Advantages could include superior customer service, an open return and exchange policy and a vast selection of unique products or services.


As a professional copy writer your composition is a service that is representative of the business on whose behalf who are writing. So whatever you pen, must be inked with pride. Your words are the mark of excellence for the company. Your text shapes the perceived image of the pitched promotion into a beautifully authored design.


Written by Zack Steel of http://www.bigpitch.ca

If You Eat Healthy, Does Your Family Need To Take a Multi Vitamin?



There is no question that the best source from which to get your vitamins and minerals is by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, protein and omega 3 rich fish.  The fact is many families are on the go and busy and quite often the side of vegetables is not served at the drive thru and the only fruit you may get your kids to eat is a glass of orange juice.

Whether or not to take a multi vitamin, or any vitamin, depends on a number of factors.  If you eat a well balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, dairy, eggs, grains and meat and alternatives then it is likely you don’t need an additional source of vitamins. 

If you are lactose intolerant, your kids are picky eaters, there are food allergies in your family or you are eating on the run more nights than you are sitting at the kitchen table, then there may be health benefits to taking vitamins.

Key Vitamins

This list shows the key nutrients that should be a part of your families diet to maintain optimal health.  If you know you are not getting these vitamins on a regular basis, then looking for a multi vitamin that includes this alphabet on its ingredient list may be a good option for your family. 

Vitamin A for eyes, skin and immune system found in mango, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and grapefruit.

Vitamin B for energy and creating red blood cells found in peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas and mango.

Vitamin C for growth and tissue repair and stronger immune system from oranges, red peppers, broccoli, grapefruit and strawberries.

Vitamin D for strong bones, teeth as well as nerves, muscle and immune systems found in eggs, dairy, chicken, beef and fortified juice and cereals.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant important to boost your immune system and fight viruses and is found in spinach, blackberries, kiwi and raspberries.

Omega 3s -  Protect against heart disease, reduces symptoms of hypertension, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), dementia, joint pain and boosts immune system.  Found in fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon and in some fortified eggs and juice.

Fiber - in addition to preventing constipation it helps lower blood cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels and may also help prevent and treat a variety of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Good amounts of fibre is found in peas, apples, pears, grains, barely, and beans.

If you have healthy fruit and vegetable eaters but they don’t like fish, then perhaps just an Omega 3 supplement is what is right for your family.   Talk to your family doctor to determine if you or your kids need to take a multi vitamin.  They will review your typical weekly meal plan to determine what nutrients may be lacking and then look to increase those foods in your diet, or consider a supplement.

Remember, it’s the nutrients we need and not artificial colouring, flavours or sweeteners. Read the label carefully for the medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients and choose one that is specially formulated to meet your needs.

Good nutrition for all ages starts with serving a wide variety of whole, fresh foods as much as possible. A good multivitamin acts like a back up plan and is a great way to enhance a balanced, healthy diet - not replace it.  Including a daily multivitamin alongside fruits and vegetables will help to ensure your family gets all of the vitamins they need to be healthy and active!

LINK - kids need a multi vitamin - http://www.iron-kids.com/blog/do-kids-need-a-multi-vitamin.aspx

LINK - daily multi vitamin -  http://www.adultgummies.com/blog/best-vitamins-are-those-you-take-get-in-the-daily-vitamin-habit.aspx


BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs on dozens of websites about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy & staying active.  To read more articles and see her favorite recipes starring squash and spinach that she promises even your kids will love, visit her websites www.iron-kids.com  &  www.adultgummies.com  or visit her on Twitter @KidsGummyMum or Facebook at IronKids.Health and Adult Essentials.


Inflammation: The Silent Killer?


When we think of inflammation, we often think of redness, swelling and pain associated with a burn, bruise, cut or bump in the head.  Inflammation is the body’s normal immune response to begin to heal itself.  Without it, we would not be alive; however, we don’t often equate inflammation with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or many other chronic and deadly diseases. Research now tells us that chronic internal inflammation is at the heart of and contributes to every major illness of our time.

The cause of chronic inflammation is directly linked to toxicity and nutrient deficiency, resulting from poor diet, excess stress, lack of physical activity, smoking  and excessive alcohol consumption.. Fortunately, we can prevent chronic inflammation form occurring and may even reverse the damage it has already caused by taking a few steps:

1.       Avoid or eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates .Choose unprocessed, unrefined, whole, fresh and real foods. Include whole grains and high fiber foods.

2.       Healthy fats-give yourself an oil change by including monosaturated fats found in olive oil, raw (unsalted) nuts, avocados and getting good quality Omega-3 fats. I have found a form of mammalian source of Omega 3 that has the right balance/ratio of Omega 6:3   and includes Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficient individuals may exhibit increased levels of inflammation and decreased immune function. ,

3.       Eliminate or avoid all foods with saturated fats, hydrogenated fats (margarine), trans fats, preservatives, and artificial colourings and flavorings.

4.        Eat at least 5/6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

5.        Regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

6.       Drink at least 8 glasses of pure filtered water daily.

7.       Supplements- only if appropriate. Work with a trusted holistic nutritionist or health care provider to determine the best supplements for your unique situation.

  Patricia Guppy-Farouk BA.RHN. is a registered holistic nutritionist  in Thornhill, Ont.

She focuses her nutritional programs on foods as medicine first and only uses supplements if appropriate.

She offers a free 15 minute phone consultation and can be reached at 416-562-6489

Or you can Email her at : patfarouk@yahoo.com

Kids Just Love a Good Party

Growing up in Montreal, I can still vividly remember each of my birthday parties. The time, energy and imagination my mom put into these will never be forgotten. I don't believe there were nearly as many fun party places back then as there are today; so most of my parties were parties that were creatively arranged at home. One year it was a chocolate making party; another beading; then there was a dress up murder mystery party; and the list goes on. Each party idea was great fun; but, it still took time preparing and organizing things, from the food to the loot bags.

These days there are so many wonderful party animators that come directly to your home; including, having countless wonderful locations to host your party.

Rocket Race Car parties and Design your own sneakers are two wonderful and very creative parties whereby the animators come to your home with everything that you need. Not only do the kids have a fabulous time creating their masterpieces, but whatever they create, is also what they take home as their loot bags.

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Making Sense of Numbers


Math plays a crucial role in developing the critical thinking and reasoning skills needed for future success in all walks of life.  Fall is quickly approaching and kids will be heading back to school and back to math class often with their minds still in “vacation mode”. To some kids, math is a fearful subject.  It’s not that they hate math. They hate being confused and intimidated by math.  Lack of ability often isn’t the problem but it is lack of confidence that can destroy a stu­dent’s performance in the math classroom.


But when fall comes back around, they will face another year of rote memorization of math tables, equations and drills, and the frustration of not “getting it.”  Frustrated kids lead to frustrated parents desperately looking for a solution.  What is a parent to do?


            There are steps you can take with your child to aid in overcoming the fear of math and reaching an understanding of its fundamental concepts.  The answer lies in developing “Number Sense.”  When kids start to grasp the connections between numbers, the anxiety of failure fades, confidence soars and confusion is transformed into clarity.  As problems become solvable, math actually becomes engaging, and even fun.


At Mathnasium – The Math Learning Centre, we aim at developing “Number Sense” by focusing on three key pillars.  Each of these pillars provides an orderly way for students to learn the basic structure of mathematical thought, leading to what we call Number Sense.  The key pillars include:


1.     COUNTING: the ability to count from any number (integers or fractions), to any number (up or down), by any number.

2.     WHOLES and PARTS:  the whole equals the sum of its parts.

3.     PROPORTIONAL THINKING: reasoning in groups.


To develop counting skills, parents can utilize the following exercises to help children learn to count from any number, to any number, by any number.  These exercises should be done both forward and backward.

·         Count by 1’s, starting at 0 (0, 1, 2, 3…),

o    then starting at any number (e.g., 28, 29, 30, 31…).

·         Count by 2’s, starting at 0 (0, 2, 4, 6…),

o  then starting at 1 (1, 3, 5, 7…),

o  then starting at any number (e.g., 23, 25, 27, 29…).

·         Count by 10’s, starting at 0 (0, 10, 20, 30…),

o  then starting at 5 (5, 15, 25, 35…),

o  then starting at any number (e.g., 37, 47, 57, 67…).

·         Count by ½’s, starting at 0 (0, ½, 1, 1 ½…),

o  then by ¼’s starting at 0 (0, ¼, ½, ¾…),

o  then by ¾’s starting at 0 (0, ¾, 1 ½, 2 ¼…).

·         Count by 15’s, starting at 0 (0, 15, 30, 45…).

·         Count by 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s, 20’s, 25’s, 50’s, 75’s, 100’s, and 150’s, starting at 0.


The benefits of this type of counting practice are strong addition skills and ultimately, the painless mastery of multiplication facts.  These strategies can be started as early as kindergarten; however, they are appropriate for any person of any age who needs help with basic mathematics concepts and skills.  The trick is to do these exercises both orally and visually, with little to no writing.    


About the author


Karim Premji opened the first Mathnasium Learning Centre in Markham, Ontario in the fall of 2011 with great success.  He earned his Bachelor's of Applied Science in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto in 1995 and went on to a successful career as a telecommunications systems designer. Karim is an engineer with the soul of a teacher and his desire to help students of all ages and grade levels achieve fluency in math led him to Mathnasium. His goal is to foster a love for mathematics in his students by offering a non-threatening, fun yet disciplined environment where students can come everyday to immerse themselves in math.


Take advantage of our back-to-school promotion (reference coupon here).



4981 Highway 7, Unit 10

Markham, Ontario

L3R 1N1

905-940-MATH (6284)




Montreal Coupons

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Naturopathic Medicine, Is it right for you?


First, let me introduce myself.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor dedicated to guiding you on your path to optimal health and wellness by treating a wide variety of health conditions. Naturopathic medicine is primary health care medicine, which blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. Treating both acute and chronic conditions, naturopathic treatments are chosen based on the individual patient – their physiological, structural, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental and lifestyle factors. The main principles of Naturopathic Medicine are to treat and heal the whole person using the healing power of nature and individualized medicine, to address the fundamental cause of disease rather than simply treating symptoms, and to teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine. My goal is to develop optimal wellness for each patient, and to teach the principles of ideal health.

We should compare Naturopathic Medicine to conventional medicine. Both conventional Medical Doctors (MDs) and Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) provide primary health care and both are similarly trained as doctors. The main differences are the philosophical approach and the therapies used.  Conventional allopathic doctors generally address and treat the symptoms of disease and use pharmaceutical therapies or surgery.  Naturopathic Doctors find and treat the root cause of the disease using natural, non-invasive therapies and therefore restore optimum health for the long term.

Let’s look at some of the therapies we use in our practice. 

Acupuncture: a safe and painless ancient form of Chinese medicine that involves the use of acupuncture needles.

Homeopathy: uses minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate the self-healing abilities of the body.

Physical Medicine: effective tools for muscular skeletal and nervous system imbalances.

Botanical Medicine: uses herbal teas, tinctures or capsules as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.

Biopuncture & Mesotherapy: injects into the skin or muscle specialized, homeopathic remedies used to treat a number of conditions from muscle pain, to cellulite and wrinkles. 

Intravenous Therapy: uses relatively high dose vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies administered intravenously.

Hydrotherapy: relaxes and is effective for arthritic, rheumatic and skin conditions.   

Infrared Saunas:  emits radiant heat, absorbed directly into the body to help detoxify the body from unwanted or harmful chemicals.

Massage Therapy: helps to relieve pain, relaxes, stimulates, and tones the body. 

Reiki: is an energy medicine technique that promotes healing by removing blockages in the body.  

Lifestyle Counseling: focuses on the connection between the mind and the body.  

Nutritional Counseling: plays a significant role in the body's ability to maintain good health and recover from illness and injury. 

Naturopathic Medicine is a Regulated Health Profession in Ontario and the costs of seeing a practitioner are covered under most extended Health Benefit Plans.



Dr. Betty Rozendaal BES, MA, ND, is the founder of Thornhill Naturopathic Health Clinic, a premier health clinic located in historic Thornhill. Dr. Rozendaal offers free 15 minute consultations for new patients considering Naturopathic Medicine. To book an appoitment please call (905) 707-2001. Or email info@thornhillnaturopathic.ca


Our Favorite Fruity Fun Popsicles


It’s a hot summer day in the city and if you have kids you know that about 30 seconds after they run out into the heat, they are going to start asking for a popsicle!

Happens here everyday.  
Recently, when playing with ingredients and making some super easy Smoothies, I thought to myself – Why am I not making popsicles? Not a fan of the empty sugar and artificial flavours and colours in store bought popsicles, I was sure I could blend up some real fruit and improve on a summer favorite.  I had already created The Perfect Popsicle with these Watermelon's on a stick, so why not see what other fruits I could combine for fun and healthy summer snacks?

Off I went to the local dollar store and bought some of the cutest popsicles molds in the shape of rockets and ring pops and others that were circular and square.  Then I looked in my freezer where I stock pile frozen fruit to top my yogurt, add to a fun drink or make my morning smoothies.   A little mix of this and that, a few juices and a couple hours in the freezer and I had a summer assortment of some great popsicles!

Here are our summer favorites, kids tested and Healthy Mom approved.  Enjoy!!

Our Favorite Fruity Popsicles

Lemonade & Strawberries - That is it! Pour lemonade into your popsicle molds and then add some chopped up fresh or frozen strawberries and freeze.  Kids love these ones and they are so easy to make.

Blueberry Yogurt - In a blender combine blueberry juice or cocktail, a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries and a few scoops of plain or vanilla yogurt.  If they sit for awhile in the popsicle molds before going in the freezer they separate and create a neat layering effect.

Watermelon & Raspberries - Use up that leftover watermelon by putting big chunks in your blender and adding a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries.  So good and such a vibrant red!  Use as many raspberries as you want!

Honeydew Lime - My kids are not huge honeydew melon fans but when blended with some lime juice (from real limes or concentrate) and frozen in a popsicle mold, they love it! If it isn't sweet enough, add some maple syrup.

Pineapple, Orange, Banana - This one is a breakfast smoothie on a stick! Use as much of each ingredient as you like in the blender, remembering that a little banana goes a long way.  Fresh, frozen or even canned pineapple will work.
By Deborah Lowther





Deb Lowther
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Popcorn anyone?

These days going to the movies can be quite a costly experience. When you take into account the cost of admission, popcorn and drinks, you are looking at quite a hefty number. But, have you thought about Dollar Cinema?  


In business for around 10 years, Dollar Cinema is still a great, fun and entertaining place to hang out alone or with a group of friends. Owner Bernie Gerburg is usually around to greet you with a smile and offer you your treats. Where else in Montreal can you obtain popcorn and drinks for only $1.00 each? The variety of snacks seems almost endless, including the tasty Kosher Hot Dogs. If you’re a few minutes early relax in a massage chair or comfy couch; as finding a viewing spot won’t be too hard as one of the theaters offers seating for 500.   


Tickets are $2.50 each; which by the way is an unbelievable price; but, if you purchase a package of 20 tickets for only $20, Bernie will even throw in a bag of popcorn. Go here to print out your coupon:



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Use them now or whenever you like. Should you need a special gift for that hard to buy for someone; this amazing value offer would make them scream “Action” in the front row, just before show-time!


Located at Decarie Square, air conditioned and open 365 days a year, this is an awesome place to see a movie.  Parking is free and is available both indoors and outdoors. Dollar Cinema offers Repertoire films, with different movies offered each week. Please check out Dollar Cinemas’ website to see what’s playing each week.

Restaurant coupons, are they for you?

These days, we’re all trying to save money any way we can. Coupons can be the answer for any price conscious shopper that loves a bargain or a discount. Honestly, there are so many coupons available both in print and on-line that it is a great idea to take advantage of the many options available to you. When looking to indulge in a great evening of fun and tasty pleasures, why not head on-line and scour through the many free coupons available.


You might be pleasantly surprised by what you may find. Big restaurants, big corporations offering you discounts on almost anything you use or eat-in or out!

One thrifty idea to keep in mind is that through purchasing on-line deals; you may be eligible for a certificate for possibly well over 50% off your meal; or 2-1 specials.  Another alternative would be to search out the many coupons or sites available on-line or in print. You’ll find sites offering printable coupons to many restaurants that will satiate your pallet, and keep you coming back for a second course.


As a courtesy, please make sure to tip on the full amount before the discount has been applied. Also, be careful to read the fine print, before using a coupon. Some restaurants offer restrictions on certain times of the week.


Perhaps a restaurant is slow during the week, they may make the coupon valid only Monday-Thursday. I find this to be a very smart business tactic, as they already have the business on the weekends and they perhaps just need a bit more business during the week. Some restaurants offer coupons when they initially open or perhaps an on-line deal so that they get excellent exposure.


Be sure to check the expiry dates before heading out to dine. And remember, the owners and managers are offering these coupons, when they are available to use. One does not need to be shy or embarrassed to use a coupon.   So go on, and have some fun searching through the various coupons available to you. You will be satisfied that you got a great deal, on your favorite meal.  


Lara Kramer


Coupon user and owner of Bestprintcoupons.com   

TCBY Montreal Coupons

TCBY on Cote Saint Luc Road serves delicious frozen yogurt. Click below for some valuable savings on both their yogourt treats, and tasty cakes! 



The Benefits of Dance – the list keeps growing …

In this article from Richard Powers, Dance Instructor at Stanford University ’s Dance Division, we see that “dancing also increases cognitive acuity at all ages”. Although the original data was taken from the New England Study “Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly” Richard Powers pairs the principles of neuroplasticity ( constantly creating new neural pathways) with the idea of taking new dance classes, which require split-second rapid-fire decision making, to keep our brains strong and maintain the complexity of our neuronal connections.


At Groove, we applaud the Stanford article and add this benefit to the ones we have always known since we opened in 1999:


§         Dance is fun and teaches our children new skills.

§         Dance gets kids moving, improving their fitness levels and strengthening their lungs and cardio capacity.

§         Dance is a great way to promote self-esteem. At Groove, we work as a family and although the routine is important, teaching skill such as coordination, balance and strength, our dance classes are taught in a loving, professional atmosphere built around fun, smiles and laughter! We pride ourselves in the fact that each child leaves every class confident and smiling!


Come visit us anytime at Groove School of Dance where we teach dance in a positive environment with an emphasis on the development of creativity, self-expression, self-achievement, self-confidence and FUN!

The trend of printable coupons, discounts and promotions are gaining popularity among online consumers

Promoting consumer interaction and involvement in a business is a perfect marketing strategy in tune with the current consumer habits. Customers are now more aware of their needs and are constantly searching for convenient and yet affordable products and services. Businesses are also seeing a great rise in online consumers with the presence of innumerous e-shopping websites. This has led to the new trend of web portals offering various discounts and promotions on different products and services. From beauty care, event organizers, restaurants etc., these coupon websites tempt consumers with different printable coupons on beauty products, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, attractions etc.


With an average consumer relying on the internet to hunt for goods and bargain, these coupon websites have channelized this knowledge and brought about a change in the buying habits of consumers. Rather than paying a full price on a service at a retail store, consumers choose to opt for an affordable way by procuring restaurant coupons.

Families especially are the target group of many coupon websites; a number of family entertainment providers provide family coupons and printable birthday coupons for kid’s party entertainment. The survival of a business depends on the success of its consummating challenges. Hence businesses can benefit from these coupon websites as it increases their visibility and more people come to learn about their products and services. By enlisting their business in these websites, any kind of goods and service providers can benefit by offering printable coupons. Providing birthday coupons especially is an innovative strategy to promote one’s service and also to get  good consumer approval and satisfaction. Directing traffic and increasing sales, a business listing can do innumerous favors for any kind of service.  The majority of consumers are internet users, thus coupons for business and family coupons are gaining popularity among interested buyers and businesses and are also experiencing greater visibility and sales.


With respect to printable coupons, BestPrintCoupons.com is a leading website which has gained immense popularity in Toronto. Offering a wide assortment of printable coupons for restaurants, toronto attractions, children’s party entertainment, birthday coupons etc., this coupon website gives access to a number of deals and promotions to local consumers to enhance their experience. For more information on their family coupons or to obtain a business listing, visit their website www.bestprintcoupons.com. These coupon websites promote and celebrate their products with the consumers with a very innovative and creative approach.

The Ultimate School Lunch Checklist For Healthy Litterless Lunches

Its September and school lunches are back in the news – mostly because everyone quickly runs out of ideas of what to put in them. 

There seems to be two camps on school lunches– on the one side we have those that take great pride in creating amazing works of art that are beautiful to look at and also healthy to eat. I secretly admire those parents and wish I was one of them . . . or had one of them – those lunches look so good! 

The other side seems to pick up the latest convenient boxed lunch item with words like “grains” “real fruit” and “nut free’ on the label, doing their best to provide a good lunch fast.   However, after filling the kids lunch bag with packaged foods, the remnants of these lunches fill our garbage’s and recycle bins with all their wrappings.   Even if the contents are deemed healthy, the garbage created in one lunch hour in one classroom at one school is mind boggling.  Multiply that by the whole school, the whole school year and  . . . you get the idea.     

I like to aim somewhere in the middle.  Our school lunches are not a work of art but they are healthy, they do not contain any packaging that requires recycling yet my kids get to have fun snacks with real fruit and grains. The best part is, over the years, I have made lunch making super simple, easy enough that the kids can make their school lunches.  Smart Mom right?

Using this checklist, I have narrowed down what is important to have, and not have, in our school lunches, and made it simple enough that THEY now make all their own lunches.

Sit with the kids and write out a list of items they like – favorite fruits, acceptable sandwiches, hot lunches they would like and how you can incorporate calcium and a few snacks you both agree are healthy. – and then see if you can’t get a new routine in place to create weeks worth of healthy litterless school lunches!

School Lunch Checklist for Healthy Litterless Lunches

Swap Out Packaging

✔️ no juice boxes  - have juice at breakfast and take refillable water bottle to school
✔️no yogurt tubes – use small container, fill with plain or vanilla yogurt & frozen berries
✔️reduce packaged granola bars – try batch baking and freeze - so easy to pop in small container.  Try these cookies or muffins or these amazing Chocolate Power Balls (kids favorite!)

Healthy Lunch Includes:

Include at least one of each of these in their lunch and you will have a healthy lunch for your kids growing bodies.
✔️Whole grains – whole wheat or grain bread, oatmeal cookies or muffins, whole grain dry cereal
✔️Protein – nitrate free chicken, turkey or ham slices, cheddar cheese, hummus, roasted chick peas, cottage cheese, milk, hard boiled egg, tuna
✔️Calcium – plain or vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese cubes, broccoli, milk
✔️Fruit  or Veg– sliced fruit -apples, pears, nectarines, grapes, melon or veggies for dipping like carrots, broccoli, red pepper.

Simplify - 5 Container System

Teach kids a Container System and have them each be responsible to fill a few containers.
✔️Container 1 – sandwich or hot lunch must include protein and whole grains
✔️Container 2 – fruit or veg – sliced real fruit or vegetables
✔️Container 3 – yogurt with berries or pudding, cottage cheese, hummus
✔️Container 4 – whole grain snack – homemade or purchased – read labels carefully
✔️Container 5  - extra snack – dry cereal, pretzels, crackers

Drink Up
Whole grains, protein, calcium and fresh fruit and vegetables make up a healthy lunch but don’t forget the drinks.  
✔️Avoid carbonated beverages
✔️Avoid fruit punches
✔️Send refillable water bottles, a small reusable drink box with 100% juice or milk
Written by: Deb Lowther
BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She contributes Family Health articles to many websites and magazines and ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy & staying active.  Find more inspiring tips on her website http://www.raisinghealthkids.co and follow her on both Twitter @Deb_Lowther and Pinterest.


The Unhealthy Side of Healthy Food

Healthy eating is something many of us strive for but the truth is there are times where our efforts to make healthy choices actually end up being on the unhealthy side of healthy food! 

Confused?  I don’t blame you!  How do you spot the unhealthy healthy food imposters?  Check out this list!

The dressing. Be a label reader and at restaurants always check the nutrient guide for the salad dressings offered for your favorite fast food salad.  Some have as much fat as a Burger! Go for vinegar or yogurt based dressings with only 1gr fat per tbsp.

Look what I found:
Chicken Ranch Salad at Drive thru – 31gr FAT, 590 Calories, 25gr Sugar, 1480gr Sodium
Compared to:
1/4lb burger at same Drive thru – 33gr FAT, 590 Calories, 10gr Sugar, 1240gr Sodium

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter made with JUST peanuts is an excellent health food loaded with protein, but most peanut butter has added icing sugar and hydrogenated oil! Sweeten a natural peanut butter sandwich with apple slices or bananas.

Look what I found:
Creamy Peanut Butter – peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, salt, fancy molasses, maltodextrin, icing sugar.        2tbsp  = 16gr FAT, 3gr Sugar, 8gr Protein
Compared to:
Natural Peanut Butter – peanuts.   2tbsp - 16gr FAT, 2gr Sugar, 10gr Protein

All healthy right? Definitely a better choice than the donut you secretly really want to order.  The next time you go for the Blueberry bran, have a look at the chain’s nutritional breakdown.  You might be surprised to find our your healthy muffin has more fat than a donut!

Look what I found at one Drive thru:
Blueberry Bran muffin – 13gr FAT, 280 Calories, Fibre 4gr, Sugar 24gr
Low Fat Berry Muffin – 2.5gr FAT, 290 Calories, Fibre 2gr, Sugar 30gr
Whole Grain Carrot muffin – 13gr FAT, 360 Calories, Fibre 4gr, Sugar 29gr
Homemade Oatmeal Applesauce Muffin – 3.7gr FAT, 177 Calories, Fibre 4 gr, Sugar 15gr (from fruit)
Compared to:
Apple Fritter donut – 8gr FAT, 290 Calories, Fibre 2gr, Sugar 15gr
Chocolate Dip donut -  14gr FAT, 270 Calories, Fibre 1gr, Sugar 16gr

Granola Bars
Many granola and energy bars are filled with high fructose corn syrup and contain as much fat and sugar as a candy bar!  For a quick snack with protein and fiber reach for a pear, cheese or your own mixture of almonds and dried apricots.

Look what I found:
28gr Chewy chocolate chip granola bar – 4gr FAT, 1gr Fibre, 9gr Sugar, 1gr Protein
28gr Sweet & salty granola bar  – 9gr FAT, 11gr Sugar, 4gr Protein
Compared to:
28gr  Snickers bar – 6gr FAT, .5gr Fibre, 13gr Sugar, 2gr Protein

Most smoothies start out with low fat milk and fruit, maybe a scoop of protein – what could go wrong? Generally it is a size issue and some chains add sugars or flavoured syrups or even sherbert that is loaded with sugar.  A glass of milk with fruit is enough!

Look what I found:
Drive thru Mixed Berry 320ml – 150 Cal, 1.5gr FAT, 2gr Protein, 32gr Sugar
Jamba Juice – 490 cal, 2gr FAT, 4gr Protein, 105gr Sugar
Compared to:
250ml glass 1% milk – 100 Cal, 2gr FAT, 8gr Protein, 13gr Sugar


Popcorn has received a lot of positive attention for being a low calorie, good fibre snack food but beware of the movie and store bought popcorn - its loaded with fat and sodium!

Look what I found (16 cups):
Large movie popcorn – 57gr FAT, 1030 Calories, 630mg Sodium, 16gr Fibre
Purchased bag popcorn – 90gr FAT, 1440 Calories, 1900mg Sodium, 19gr Fibre
Microwave popcorn – 24gr FAT, 680 Calories, 1500mg Sodium, 12gr Fibre
Compared to:
Air popped Popcorn at home – 5gr FAT, 500 Calories, 10gr Sodium, 17gr Fibre
(if you add 1/2 tsp salt is 1000mg of sodium, 12gr FAT in 1 tbsp butter)

LINK - Oatmeal Applesauce Muffin - http://raisinghealthykids.co/2014/04/15/school-snacks-oatmeal-applesauce-muffins/

By: @deb_lowther


BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails. She ensures her own kids are having fun while being active and eating healthy.  Writing for many website and magazines, Deb’s goal is to inspire others to raise healthy, active families. Follow her on Twitter @Deb_LowtherPinterest and find more healthy tips on her www.RaisingHealthyKids.co website. 



Thinking about a Summer Camp? Some Tips from a Camp Expert.


Aviva Reinitz is Canada’s sole camp representative for <<The Camp Experts & Teen Summers>> (Camp Experts), a free summer camp and teen summer program advisory service. Established in 1987, Camp Experts which is based in New York City, represents more than 950 camps and summer programs worldwide. It has received national attention as a leading authority on overnight summer camp and teen program placements for children from pre-school age through high school.


Selecting a summer camp or teen program for your child or children involves a great deal of thought, is very time consuming and the choice one makes regarding a summer camp is extremely important. Aviva uses the information you provide (type of camp, length of time, budget, etc.) to identify a suitable match in order to ensure that the camper will have an enjoyable and satisfying camp experience. Aviva provides you with FREE personalized advice so that you can make the best camp decision for your child or children. Each child is unique and every family has individual needs. Aviva will assist you in identifying those needs and guide you toward selecting a summer camp or teen program that will provide your children with growth through the acquisition of new skills, new relationships and most importantly, a lifetime of memories. In this age of specialization, there are camps and teen programs pertaining to every conceivable sport, skill, academic pursuit and travel experience. Furthermore, parents may seek camps that cater to youngsters with special needs, health and dietary regimens.


There are several reasons why you should call Aviva instead of looking for a summer camp or teen program directly on your own. Camp Experts are the experts providing the best guidance for you and your children. They are unbiased and provide you with accurate and up to date information. Since Aviva’s services are completely free, you pay the same amount of money whether you book directly with the summer camp or teen program or whether you use Aviva’s services. So why waste your precious time when Aviva is just a phone call away.


After a thorough discussion with parent(s) over the phone to determine the particular interests of the child and the most suitable camp(s) or teen program(s) around to fit their specific needs, Aviva will e-mail parents the appropriate web link. Aviva is always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.


One of the challenges parents who are considering sending their child or children to camp face is not being able to visit the camp in person. The camp website might look like paradise online, but who really knows what it looks like in reality? So, during the summer months, Aviva and other Camp Expert’s representatives travel extensively to visit camps and programs while they are in session. They know the directors, facilities and philosophies at each camp and programs they represent. Their research empowers you with accurate information to make the most informed decision for your children’s summer. If a camp is not up to par and does not meet Camp Experts criteria, Camp Experts ceases to represent them.


How do you know when your child is ready for camp?


With her years of experience, Aviva believes that it all depends on your child’s personality and level of maturity.


Booking a Camp


Now is a great time to begin thinking about and looking for a summer camp or teen program for your child or children. As the saying goes, the sooner the better, but it is never too late to contact Aviva.


For further information, please call Aviva at 514-481-9000, or e-mail her at aviva@campexperts.com. Please do not forget to visit their website atwww.campexperts.com

Selecting a summer camp or teen program for your children deserves a good deal of thought. Making a choice that reflects your children's interests, needs, and abilities will provide a truly rewarding experience and a lifetime of memories. THE CAMP EXPERTS & TEEN SUMMERS takes the time to learn about your children and provide you with FREE personalized guidance best suited to your needs. We represent more than 950 camps and summer programs worldwide.


Thrifty in the City, Saving big, spending small. Fun for all!


Toronto is a great multicultural city. For numerous cultures, it is possibly the most diverse and widely encompassing city in the world. Being home to many communities and groups, Toronto is the place to be for all types of fun at the best price – Free!

There are many services and activities from which visitors and residents can benefit at no cost. Other programs do have a modest fee, but some services accept coupons or offer discounts for those who cannot afford to pay the full price.  

In terms of culture, the Canadian Opera Company offers a free concert series. Mel Lastman Square, Dundas Square and Nathan Philips Square all offer free concerts, exhibitions and programs for people of all ages.  Mel Lastman Square and Nathan Philips Square also have great skating rinks for those who like to glide through the day. The National Film Board and Yonge and Dundas Square show free movies throughout the year.

Harbourfront Centre, at Queens Quay, has many cultural activities free of charge.  While you are down at the lakefront, visit the beaches, which is a great place for the family to spend the day. From great biking and rollerblading trails to fun on the beach with sand castles to be made and fun to be had by all!

Visit the animals at Riverdale farm or go up to High Park and immerse yourself in lush greenery. While still in the city, within the 399 acres of this fantastic park, there is also a zoo. You can also view local artwork at the Toronto Free Gallery or see world renowned art at The Art Gallery of Ontario (entry fee waived at set times). To observe trendsetting art you can visit The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (pay-what-you-can all the time). To catch a glimpse of living art you can visit The Toronto Sculpture Garden. Why not travel back in time at the Royal Ontario Museum? Get lost in space at the York University observatory where you can see planets from near and far and even a star (entry fee waived at set times). You can always take a stroll to the Bata Shoe Museum or patch a quilt at the Textile Museum of Canada (offers pay-what-you-can nights).

Toronto also has many wonderful community centres that offer fun programs and classes for the whole family. Get fit at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre or at the YMCA.  But after all of this running around you will likely become hungry. That is why it is great that Toronto hosts wonderful restaurants with a wide variety of foods for every palate and discerning taste. There are many great kosher restaurants in Toronto, which offer discounts and weekly or seasonal specials on their prices.

Please visit BestPrintCoupons.com to save big on the items you pay for every day.    

Article by Zack SteelFestival Event Conference Manager, Event Planner, Writer, & Researcher
For more information about Zack or his events please visit: bigpitch.ca or call him at 647-208-4423.

For more information about free and discounted activities in Toronto please visit these websites:




What I Learned At Summer Camp



I spent 16 of the best summers of my life at summer camp.  I can even tell you what bunk I slept in each year as a camper.  What I didn’t know when I first stepped onto camp property as an eager (for opportunity) but shy 8 year old was how my perspective on the camp experience would change over time.


When asked “How do you describe camp?” these are some common answers: fun, activities, friends, waterfront, campfires, laughing, games, etc.  This is a solid list.  As a staff member, these words remained dominant on my list.  I actually think my list didn’t change until I was a working professional, to: personal growth, responsibility, leadership, and mentorship.


Okay – these words were part of the staff vocabulary and we were asked to think about them, but I can say that I didn’t appreciate the power of these profound words until after my camping years.


At the end of each summer, I returned home with a new “degree”.  One year, it was in conflict management, another in program coordination, and another in insanely hard work (with a minor in “lack of sleep”).


These formative summers prepared me (in the best classroom of all time) for the real world beyond camp.  My summers weren’t vacation – they were training grounds that matured me and gave me powerful skills I have used to succeed in university, as a management consultant, and as a leader.


I feel quite strongly about this.  So strong that I wrote a book using an approach the camping industry had never yet seen (My counsellor was right, I can do anything!).  The Society of Camp Directors awarded my book the 2012 Writing Award for its contribution to camping.  It’s called “The Cabin Path: Leadership Lessons Learned At Camp” and I would love if you checked it out for yourself or your children.  www.cabinpath.ca.


Written By: Jay Gilbert, HBA, MBA


When have YOU Tried Something New? Inspiration to Set Goals & Challenge Yourself

Fall is in full swing and the older kids are well into after school activities while new moms are busy taking their babies to parent & tot gymnastics, sport ball or swimming lessons.   Everyone is learning something new, taking on new goals and achieving new milestones while Mom and Dad happily ferry them from one activity to another.

Have you ever noticed that we are always introducing our kids to new activities, teaching them new skills, encouraging them to try new sports, and yet we sit on the sidelines?

When was the last time you tried something new? Mastered a new skill, tried a new class or attempted a new sport?   Stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself just a little bit can lead to great achievements.   You find out you are stronger than you think, smarter than you knew and it opens up a world of new friends with similar interests, provides new experiences and a new confidence to consider what you might accomplish next!

I love to run so had my kids running at an early age; their first finish line was crossed in a jogging stroller when each was only 8 months old.   At 5 they started doing triathlons and each of them has a collection of medals. All for fun, none have that real competitive spirit but we are an active family.  We practice together, we cheer them on and we are often amazed at how all 3 kids love doing triathlons.

Then it dawned on us. Our young kids had done 9 triathlons each and athletic Mom and Dad had done 0.  We have run many races; been running for years - our comfort zone - but neither had ever done a triathlon. I was a lifeguard growing up so a strong swimmer and my husband bought a tri bike years ago and loves to ride, so why hadn’t we done a triathlon?

Simple. My husband can’t swim in a lake and I am terrified of triathlon bikes.   
If your kids didn’t know how to swim or were afraid of riding a bike you would help them over come that fear and provide lessons and practice to master that skill. right?  So now it was time for US to learn something new.

I set my goal pretty high, but that’s me!  I’ve been setting goals my whole life as it motivates me to keep it up, to try harder and to stay in shape. It started with half marathons after my first baby was born 11 years ago, and this past summer the goal was going to be a triathlon.  With 3 distances to choose from – a Sprint (26km), an Olympic (52km) or a Half Ironman (113km) – I went for the big one.  My warm up was an Olympic distance in June and my goal was the Half Ironman in July.

I had an amazing training group of women out of Millcroft Fitness that really made it so much fun as we trained for 6 months and I learned so much from each of them. I am still terrified of my bike, but learned I can ride and complete an Olympic distance triathlon in the pouring rain and a Half Ironman in 6 hours of 44 degree heat.

But you know what happened after I reached that Half Ironman goal? I set another one. Two months later I wanted to run a half marathon in under 2 hours.  I had never done one that fast before. Never even ‘really’ tried. So I put that goal out there and went for it.   

What Reaching a Goal Feels Like

Race day - At one point while running I imagined, visually, what it would be like to crest that hill near the finish line and see 1:58:00 on the time clock and  - surprisingly –  the tears started. I still had 9 km to go and really, the concept of actually finishing the race and seeing 1:58:00 on the time clock was just a fantasy to me.  It made me teary to actually see those numbers in my head. Maybe this goal meant more to me than I thought.  

21 km later I was at that hill near the finish line.  First I could see my kids, ready to jump in and cross the finish line with me.  Then I saw the time clock, it was still 100 meters away but I couldn’t believe what it said. 

I was going to do it. I saw my kids faces.  They knew I was going to do it too. I was going to cross the finish line with 1:58 on the time clock. 

For some crazy reason reaching that goal meant more to me than completing a 6 hour Half Ironman. I don’t know why. Maybe it has been my years of running, maybe it was the challenge of a time goal – one that really required pushing my limits.  Maybe it was the fact I really didn’t think I could do it. Maybe I have spent all my years just being happy with a finish and this is the first time I actually put a time on myself, asking myself to give it more effort and not just finish but to improve, to go faster, to be better than my younger self. And I did it. The power of a goal puts so much power in your hands.

How To Set Goals & Succeed
Make that commitment. Set your goal and do it publicly.  Tell your friends, your neighbours, the grocery store clerk.  Get it out there that you are going to do this.  The more you say it, the more you believe it and the deeper your commitment. 

Make Friends
Don’t try to do it alone. You could learn through a internet video at home alone or you could join a class with others who have similar interests.  They will encourage you to come back for the next class, help you through the next training session and be there to congratulate you at the end.   Signing up for a series of sessions reinforces your commitment and gets others involved who share the same goals as you and you make new friends!

You make sure the kids get to swimming lessons and school, so make sure you get to your class or get your training time in.  Only those items that make your Priority List actually get accomplished so make this goal a priority.  You need time to work towards a goal, so make that time a must do.

No Excuses
There are very few things we ‘can’t’ do if we really try. Facing my goals I thought I’m too old for this, still have 3 young kids at home, have no time, husband travels, I don’t have a bike, I don't like being clipped in to pedals, I will NEVER ride that bike in the rain!  But if you take away all the self doubt and just go for it and simply TRY . . .one step at a time, you eventually will cross the finish line!

You can make it happen. I challenge you to set some goals!
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Written by Deb Lowther.

BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs on many websites about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy& staying active.  To read more articles and see her favorite recipes that she promises even your kids will love, visit her websites www.iron-kids.com &   www.adultessentials.com  or visit her on Twitter @KidsGummyMum or Facebook at IronKids.Health and Adult Essentials.

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Fast Foods That Are Healthy? Quick Alternatives to Fast Food

Facing the weekday frenzy and looking ahead to another week filled with dance, gymnastics, hockey, swimming lessons, music, skating and no time for healthy meals? Tempted to hit the drive thru and tell yourself next week you will be on top of dinner or this weekend you'll fill every meal with vegetables to balance it out?  It is not easy to get a healthy hot meal to the table, never mind the back seat of the car, when you are literally eating on the run!

Throughout the course of the day it is important to get something from all the food groups that include fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat and alternatives. If it’s a day that is booked with after school activities, try to add extra fruits for breakfast and nutrients at lunch to take the pressure off during the dinner rush.  Have a stash of pre washed and cut up peppers, celery, carrots, green beans and even corn to add to any on the run meal. Then try some of these quick dinner options that include protein, dairy and vegetables that are quick to prepare and easy to eat on the go.

Healthy Fast Foods

Scrambled Egg Roll Ups
Scramble eggs with added egg whites or cottage cheese for extra protein, then add in finely chopped cauliflower.   They will never even notice! Scoop into a whole wheat wrap, add salsa or ketchup and roll it up. Toss in a container and hand out on the go.

Tuna Melts
Use whole wheat English muffins and top with tuna and a little melted cheddar. Broil until heated and cheese is melted, then toss in a container for a hearty car snack.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Invest in a Panini press for the healthiest version of grilled cheese that grills perfectly without any butter. Inside two pieces of 100% whole wheat bread add a slice of tomato, lean meat, real cheddar cheese and heat through. For added protein, dip the bread in egg first and make french toast, then add cheese and grill. Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?

Chicken/turkey/tuna helper

It takes only 8 minutes to cook whole wheat egg noodles and by adding a can of tuna, green peas, parmesan cheese and cream of mushroom soup after draining the noodles, you have a complete meal in under 10 minutes.

If you can do a little prep work on the weekend, these great  make ahead meals can be frozen in individual portions for super fast grab and go options.

Make Ahead Fast Food Tips

Meal in a Muffin
So many great meals can be made entirely in a muffin tin! Meatloaf, quiche, lasagna, pizza and more made ahead, individually frozen and then re heated in time to head out the door!  Recipes to get you started here.

Vegetable Soup
Soups are ideal for packing in the vegetables and being a quick healthy meal.  Add less liquid for a thicker soup that easier to eat while at the arena or in the car.  Make this Immune Boosting Vitamin Soup ahead of time and freeze in individual containers for a quick on the run option.

Crustless Quiche
Skip the crust and add in the secret filler of cottage cheese and cauliflower and you have a complete meal that freezes well.   This is one of my favorite recipes on this list of kids favorites transformed to be healthy that I make and freeze in slices, easy to defrost and makes a filling meal pre dance practice.
Fabulous Mac n Cheese
Every kids favorite is transformed into a healthy meal that includes whole wheat, dairy, protein and vegetables they don't even know are there!  Make your own sauce with flour and butter, adding milk until it thickens then add in grated cheese and pureed squash, cauliflower and zucchini!  Make extra sauce that you can freeze so all you have to do mid week is boil noodles and you are ready to go.

Veggie Red Sauce
Kids love pizza but plain crust and cheese doesn’t offer a ton of nutrients, boost your sauce with pureed vegetables and add vitamins to any pizza melt on the run. Start with your jar of favorite sauce and add in your own pureed veggies then freeze in ice cube trays to have just the right amount ready for pizza melts on the go.
What are your favorite quick meals on the go that are also healthier than hitting the Fast Food drive thru?

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Quiche & Mac n Cheese - kids favorites -  http://www.iron-kids.com/blog/transform-your-favorites.aspx


BIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy & staying active.  To read more articles you can visit her websites www.iron-kids.com & www.adultgummies.com or visit her on Twitter @KidsGummyMum or Facebook at IronKids.Health and Adult Essentials.

By: Deborah Lowther


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