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Inflammation: The Silent Killer?


When we think of inflammation, we often think of redness, swelling and pain associated with a burn, bruise, cut or bump in the head.  Inflammation is the body’s normal immune response to begin to heal itself.  Without it, we would not be alive; however, we don’t often equate inflammation with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or many other chronic and deadly diseases. Research now tells us that chronic internal inflammation is at the heart of and contributes to every major illness of our time.

The cause of chronic inflammation is directly linked to toxicity and nutrient deficiency, resulting from poor diet, excess stress, lack of physical activity, smoking  and excessive alcohol consumption.. Fortunately, we can prevent chronic inflammation form occurring and may even reverse the damage it has already caused by taking a few steps:

1.       Avoid or eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates .Choose unprocessed, unrefined, whole, fresh and real foods. Include whole grains and high fiber foods.

2.       Healthy fats-give yourself an oil change by including monosaturated fats found in olive oil, raw (unsalted) nuts, avocados and getting good quality Omega-3 fats. I have found a form of mammalian source of Omega 3 that has the right balance/ratio of Omega 6:3   and includes Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficient individuals may exhibit increased levels of inflammation and decreased immune function. ,

3.       Eliminate or avoid all foods with saturated fats, hydrogenated fats (margarine), trans fats, preservatives, and artificial colourings and flavorings.

4.        Eat at least 5/6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

5.        Regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

6.       Drink at least 8 glasses of pure filtered water daily.

7.       Supplements- only if appropriate. Work with a trusted holistic nutritionist or health care provider to determine the best supplements for your unique situation.

  Patricia Guppy-Farouk BA.RHN. is a registered holistic nutritionist  in Thornhill, Ont.

She focuses her nutritional programs on foods as medicine first and only uses supplements if appropriate.

She offers a free 15 minute phone consultation and can be reached at 416-562-6489

Or you can Email her at :