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How to Diversify Your Marketing Package


So let’s say you are a musician who plays at various venues throughout the city. Offer the incentive for guests to be able to request a song for a set tip. Like a jukebox, visitors can choose the song they want to hear for their group. Perhaps it is a birthday, or other special occasion, which would necessitate a specific song, to accompany the celebration.
In all areas of entertainment, a varied selection will ensure joy is multiplied. Perhaps you are an aspiring artist hosting your gallery showing. Why not paint or sculpt onsite, for your valued guests? Possibly, a potential buyer could commission you to create a masterpiece, at the event. This would surely generate great excitement and enrich the event, as well as the artist.
It would be great to mix up the menu options at a restaurant. In addition to what is currently listed and being served – why not offer choice options, which food connoisseurs could request? Or have a special day each week when even, items not listed on the menu, can be requested of the specialty chef. These chosen dishes of delight could cost more. For the soothing of a savoury appetite, however, no price is too high.
Even within the retail setting, marketing options can be managed to ensure increased sales. At a store, which showcases a variety of items that were featured on television – proper use of the unique products, could be displayed onsite, in the store, at set times. It is the active demonstration that creates a desire for customers to purchase the products.
Or at a clothing store, wouldn’t it be great to see a tailor or seamstress creating a new fashion design, or tailoring a suit, at the store entrance? To have the option of a custom tailored or beautifully stitched garment developed before one’s eyes, is a wonderful site, worth more than any fabric on the shelf.
So consider diversifying your marketing packages for increased audience consideration. Nowadays, with so much competition looming, to stay competitive, your campaign needs to capture the attention of your customers.
While your competition is adamant about not meeting customer needs with excuses, such as: “We don’t offer that option here.” Be the unique business, which provides a dazzling show that offers more than customers expect. Your wow-factor will surely generate an increase in sales, and proudly exhibit your staying-power, as an industry leader.
Written by: Zack Steel of