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How To Develop a Promotional Network


Consider the market of the business professionals with whom you want to network. Ask them: what topics are of interest to them? Write about their services and products. Compose articles that you know they would enjoy reading and which would appeal to their customers.

                Writing articles of value, for your professional network, will increase the likelihood of them promoting and circulating your literary masterpieces. Consider topics that promote their products and services in new ways. Incorporating new slogans or prose into the editorial, along with humor, will surely enrich the worth of the document.

                Businesses are always appreciative of complimentary text, which illuminates their company. Before composing your written material, speak directly with the principal of the business to determine what topics would make for an interesting critique. Also, inquire as to whether or not humour or puns would be acceptable for inclusion in the commentary. Read current publications about the business, written by them or by journalists. Review the style of those compositions and keep them in mind, when creating your article.

                Write two versions of your document. One edition should be created using industry relevant marketing terms and one, in vernacular, or plain language. This way the company will have the option of varied texts. Perhaps they will use one copy in a trade related magazine and the other on their website or in their newsletter.

                Contemporary businesses want to read articles that have been written with industry specific jargon. Whereas, customers want to read text that is both intriguing and exciting. Writing, while considering the audience of readership, will also provide you with focus on key points of curiosity. That being said, if you are going to write numerous articles for the same company, then you should limit your text to one point of focus. Therefore, you will be able to write many articles without your documents seeming redundant. 


Written by Zack Steel of