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How to Write Great Ad Copy


Consider the topic of your composition and the purpose of your writing. Be sure to write for your market demographic. Just write with all of your energy.  Grammar, spelling, style, syntax, punctuation, typography should be your concern while you write your initial draft. While writing with great passion, maintain a constant rhythm.


The text for an ad should match the design of the advertisement. If you are writing marketing copy include catchy phrases and quotes, where possible. Crediting the author of the quote is a must and demonstrates professionalism. Too many quotes are not professional though. So only use one where it supports your theme.


The premise of the topic / subject of the copy should be clearly evident in the first line of your text. This is known as an attention grabber. Gain interest with an enthusiastic statement to ensure your readers will want to read more.


So energize your text with much passion. Your heart-felt belief in the marketing effort will touch the emotions of your readers. Demonstrate confidence in your script by using related industry terminology, as well as humorous anecdotes, where possible. Promotional copy must imbue a sense of fun to your audience. Otherwise, readers will lose interest.


Your content should contain options for discounts and value-added benefits for customers to buy from the company you are promoting. Advantages could include superior customer service, an open return and exchange policy and a vast selection of unique products or services.


As a professional copy writer your composition is a service that is representative of the business on whose behalf who are writing. So whatever you pen, must be inked with pride. Your words are the mark of excellence for the company. Your text shapes the perceived image of the pitched promotion into a beautifully authored design.


Written by Zack Steel of