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DIY Birthday Parties

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Trying to do it on the cheap seems almost impossible these days. It is however, possible. We often think we have to follow the norm but who said a birthday party has to be cookie cutter? Kids expectations are only such because we create them. The classic home birthday party will excite any child. So go ahead create a DIY birthday party that will wow the kids and parents! Harry had his first birthday party and was ecstatic about playing games (hide and seek, sports appropriate to the weather, pin the tail on the donkey, you get the idea) then there was the food…what kid doesn’t love pizza, chips, pop/juice, cake and other sweet treats? Don’t worry so much about nutrition it’s all about just having fun! If you have a few extra dollars, bring in some entertainment; if not go to the local art and crafts store and pick out a craft. Kids love to make things. Then instead of giving out loot bags, why not make the craft the ‘loot bag.’ After all don’t we usually buy things that only end up at the bottom of the toy box? Waste not, want not. Then there are the gifts. Why not ask that the money to be spent on the child be pooled together and given to a charity? This teaches the child the rewards of giving.

It may seem daunting, but think back to the ‘good old days’ and how happy you were to just be able to play with your friends and have some great food. Also, with the internet and probably many eager moms ready to share some creative ideas, you will find a sea of ideas that you can create a birthday party that will not only be memorable but rewarding.

One tip; involve your child in the whole birthday party process. Let them make things so that the party really is a reflection of them.

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