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The Amazing Todsky



Business Description

Once every generation there emerges a shaper of magic who changes the way society sees the very fabric of existence. Regrettably, The Amazing Todsky is not that magician. However, he is a legend in his own mind, and is always good for some nifty illusions and a few laughs, and even manages to amaze. After all, it is no coincidence that he is known as the Amazing Todsky. Or is it?

An established Montreal magician for 35 years now, Todsky has performed about 3000 shows for all kinds of audiences.


The Amazing Todsky has also appeared at most of Montreal's major hotels, and in many of its fine restaurants. And while he was in London, Todsky entertained The Mamas and Papas with card tricks, was escorted out of the London Tube by Bobbies while making a handkerchief float, and, in his greatest feat ever, amused a family of Venezuelan goats with a rope trick.
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