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Thinking about a Summer Camp? Some Tips from a Camp Expert.


Aviva Reinitz is Canada’s sole camp representative for <<The Camp Experts & Teen Summers>> (Camp Experts), a free summer camp and teen summer program advisory service. Established in 1987, Camp Experts which is based in New York City, represents more than 950 camps and summer programs worldwide. It has received national attention as a leading authority on overnight summer camp and teen program placements for children from pre-school age through high school.


Selecting a summer camp or teen program for your child or children involves a great deal of thought, is very time consuming and the choice one makes regarding a summer camp is extremely important. Aviva uses the information you provide (type of camp, length of time, budget, etc.) to identify a suitable match in order to ensure that the camper will have an enjoyable and satisfying camp experience. Aviva provides you with FREE personalized advice so that you can make the best camp decision for your child or children. Each child is unique and every family has individual needs. Aviva will assist you in identifying those needs and guide you toward selecting a summer camp or teen program that will provide your children with growth through the acquisition of new skills, new relationships and most importantly, a lifetime of memories. In this age of specialization, there are camps and teen programs pertaining to every conceivable sport, skill, academic pursuit and travel experience. Furthermore, parents may seek camps that cater to youngsters with special needs, health and dietary regimens.


There are several reasons why you should call Aviva instead of looking for a summer camp or teen program directly on your own. Camp Experts are the experts providing the best guidance for you and your children. They are unbiased and provide you with accurate and up to date information. Since Aviva’s services are completely free, you pay the same amount of money whether you book directly with the summer camp or teen program or whether you use Aviva’s services. So why waste your precious time when Aviva is just a phone call away.


After a thorough discussion with parent(s) over the phone to determine the particular interests of the child and the most suitable camp(s) or teen program(s) around to fit their specific needs, Aviva will e-mail parents the appropriate web link. Aviva is always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.


One of the challenges parents who are considering sending their child or children to camp face is not being able to visit the camp in person. The camp website might look like paradise online, but who really knows what it looks like in reality? So, during the summer months, Aviva and other Camp Expert’s representatives travel extensively to visit camps and programs while they are in session. They know the directors, facilities and philosophies at each camp and programs they represent. Their research empowers you with accurate information to make the most informed decision for your children’s summer. If a camp is not up to par and does not meet Camp Experts criteria, Camp Experts ceases to represent them.


How do you know when your child is ready for camp?


With her years of experience, Aviva believes that it all depends on your child’s personality and level of maturity.


Booking a Camp


Now is a great time to begin thinking about and looking for a summer camp or teen program for your child or children. As the saying goes, the sooner the better, but it is never too late to contact Aviva.


For further information, please call Aviva at 514-481-9000, or e-mail her at Please do not forget to visit their website

Selecting a summer camp or teen program for your children deserves a good deal of thought. Making a choice that reflects your children's interests, needs, and abilities will provide a truly rewarding experience and a lifetime of memories. THE CAMP EXPERTS & TEEN SUMMERS takes the time to learn about your children and provide you with FREE personalized guidance best suited to your needs. We represent more than 950 camps and summer programs worldwide.