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The Benefits of Dance – the list keeps growing …

In this article from Richard Powers, Dance Instructor at Stanford University ’s Dance Division, we see that “dancing also increases cognitive acuity at all ages”. Although the original data was taken from the New England Study “Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly” Richard Powers pairs the principles of neuroplasticity ( constantly creating new neural pathways) with the idea of taking new dance classes, which require split-second rapid-fire decision making, to keep our brains strong and maintain the complexity of our neuronal connections.


At Groove, we applaud the Stanford article and add this benefit to the ones we have always known since we opened in 1999:


§         Dance is fun and teaches our children new skills.

§         Dance gets kids moving, improving their fitness levels and strengthening their lungs and cardio capacity.

§         Dance is a great way to promote self-esteem. At Groove, we work as a family and although the routine is important, teaching skill such as coordination, balance and strength, our dance classes are taught in a loving, professional atmosphere built around fun, smiles and laughter! We pride ourselves in the fact that each child leaves every class confident and smiling!


Come visit us anytime at Groove School of Dance where we teach dance in a positive environment with an emphasis on the development of creativity, self-expression, self-achievement, self-confidence and FUN!