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Restaurant coupons, are they for you?

These days, we’re all trying to save money any way we can. Coupons can be the answer for any price conscious shopper that loves a bargain or a discount. Honestly, there are so many coupons available both in print and on-line that it is a great idea to take advantage of the many options available to you. When looking to indulge in a great evening of fun and tasty pleasures, why not head on-line and scour through the many free coupons available.


You might be pleasantly surprised by what you may find. Big restaurants, big corporations offering you discounts on almost anything you use or eat-in or out!

One thrifty idea to keep in mind is that through purchasing on-line deals; you may be eligible for a certificate for possibly well over 50% off your meal; or 2-1 specials.  Another alternative would be to search out the many coupons or sites available on-line or in print. You’ll find sites offering printable coupons to many restaurants that will satiate your pallet, and keep you coming back for a second course.


As a courtesy, please make sure to tip on the full amount before the discount has been applied. Also, be careful to read the fine print, before using a coupon. Some restaurants offer restrictions on certain times of the week.


Perhaps a restaurant is slow during the week, they may make the coupon valid only Monday-Thursday. I find this to be a very smart business tactic, as they already have the business on the weekends and they perhaps just need a bit more business during the week. Some restaurants offer coupons when they initially open or perhaps an on-line deal so that they get excellent exposure.


Be sure to check the expiry dates before heading out to dine. And remember, the owners and managers are offering these coupons, when they are available to use. One does not need to be shy or embarrassed to use a coupon.   So go on, and have some fun searching through the various coupons available to you. You will be satisfied that you got a great deal, on your favorite meal.  


Lara Kramer


Coupon user and owner of