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Can you really get stuff for free?

Who doesn’t love a good deal; better yet, who doesn’t love FREE? That’s right; there really are some products out there that you can get, even without paying a cent! Aside from contests and similar promotions; if you are vigilant, you can catch many freebie promotions that cross your path.


Often grocery stores want consumers to try out their products with the hope of your liking them, and then, coming back again and again, while paying full price. There are different sites out there that will help you find these “Freebies”. From time to time, most stores do offer giveaways and freebies. For example, this past weekend was Play Day at Toys R Us. They offered many free activities, and actually gave away t-shirts, even some packaged small free toys. Some of the stuff consisted of Kree-O and Sticky Mosaics, and more. It was a wonderful event that was greatly enjoyed by my four children.


Additionally, this week until March 2, McDonald’s is giving away a FREE Hot Brewed Coffee to anyone that wants one. I believe you can go back every day to get one! They’ve run this promotion in the past. To find out about these FREEBIE promotions check out:


Furthermore, if you love coupons then you have to check out:; which has free printable coupons from Montreal and Toronto. From attraction coupons, to restaurant coupons to birthday party coupons, this site has definitely got something for everyone!