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How to & How Not To Market Your Company

Before building a marketing strategy, be sure that it makes sense. Do you have a catchy tagline? Is your opening sentence captivating? Will read readers be enthralled and have a great desire to read more? If you tagline is likeable, then you need to determine your intended demographic for your promotional campaign.


There is little or no purpose to an offer incentive - to gain customer interest in your products or services, by promising a gift or voucher, as part of your advertising platform - if you are not going to provide it. While you might have initially garnered attention, by offering such a bonus, the value of this prize will immediately decrease once a customer realizes that it is non-existent. Also, don’t waste time or money with campaigns for anything free or partially complimentary, unless your company can certainly provide the services, as specified. The failure to fulfil a commitment is a sure way to lose credibility, in the marketplace, and in the mindset of public opinion about your business.


It might seem bizarre for one to even have to contemplate such preposterous concepts for marketing, yet they are often employed by companies. Instead, a sincere and direct explanation of the value of your products or services, accompanied by some references, will do much more to make your business shine. In your literature, discuss the worth of your merchandise or services, in comparison and contrast with your competitors offerings.


Also, if you rival is suggesting a certain discount or gratuity, then you should propose a greater reduction or reward for customer loyalty. Consumers want to have options for their purchases, and shopping will increase for the companies that are in competition. This is likely, because customers will want to fully maximize the benefits of each company’s incentives. So much so, that patrons will buy much more than they need just, to ensure they have capitalized, to the fullest extent on a company’s coupons or discounts. A certain sense of pride is exalted, when a purchaser feels that they have gotten the most out of a rewards program. 

Written by: Zack Steel of