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Design Your Own Sneakers


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 What’s the shoe everyone’s wearing??  It’s the sneaker, of course.  Its the most comfortable, versatile canvas sneaker!!  And now you can make it exactly the way you’ve always wanted. 


Customize Your Own Sneakers!!  Create your own trendy wearable art!!!  Let everyone wonder where you got your new kicks!!!   They are one of a kind, originally created by who else?  You!!!   The possibilities are endless.  Choose from Princess & Sweetie, Brat & Wild, Rock Star & Skullz or create an awesome design all of your own.  This is a great opportunity for children to push their creativity to the limits. 


Each child receives their own Decorating Kit.  Kits include large sheets of sparkle stickers, including, "You Rock, Awesome, Princess, So Hot, Sweetie, Brat, and more, durable double tip graffiti markers, bling rhinestones, shoelaces, stamps, ink pad and glitter, just to name of few.  Light Up Laces are available for $2.00 extra.   The end results are really fabulous.  We even supply the canvas sneakers.


And there’s no more need to worry about loot bags.   Every child at your event will take home their newly created designs as your personal gift to them.   


Pricing is $26.00 per child. Every child receives one pair of sneakers, decoration for customizing sneakers and loot bag.   If you would like the light-up laces option, please add $2.00 each.  Call us now to reserve your space


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