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Dear fellow internet user,


I'm a dedicated mom with four beautiful kids, forged together with a very strong passion for what I do. I love being a work at home mom, because it means that I can be there for them as they need me the most, while I watch them grow. At the same time, I am also the type of mom that without hesitation or an after-thought, will easily take them with me on sales calls as needed!


My three loves, my children, husband and business-sales, have allowed me to deftly multi-task; sometimes, nursing my kids for hours on end, while cradling the phone in the other hand, making and closing deals.


I have worked lovingly and tirelessly to create a website that I truly believe-in, and one that I know would be highly valued and shared by many. The path hasn’t been easy or paved with gold. Spending many long and lonely hours working independently on different ways to get visitors to my site, in addition to paying  money to help with the local hits and traffic; can be challenging even at the best of times!


In addition to SEO and optimization, I now also make the time to write and syndicate some of my own blogs. With nearly twenty-years of couponing experience behind me in print publications, I felt it was finally time to go on-line and expand my boundaries! Strangely enough, I do this simply because, I absolutely love selling and working with coupons. It’s just my business way of giving! :)


Hopefully, when you visit my site and get to read some of my passionate posts, you will also see my desire for what I do. Honestly, I can’t say it enough, I love coupons and I truly love to help people, by showing them how to save money, while at the same time, helping them put more money in their pockets.


Now, after about 7 months online, I am very proud and excited that I have been able to develop such great sponsorship and local business support; adding a great new business each and every week!


Modestly enough, I began here in Toronto; and recently, I have now added a few businesses in Niagara as well; all the while, making plans to expand to Montreal; eventually, and hopefully, right across Canada. If your city is not listed, that doesn't mean I won't be in your vicinity very shortly; and of course, I am always looking for experienced sales reps, that feel the same way as I do, and are willing to lend a hand. It always follows: Helping people SAVE can also help YOU make money.


For now, I do almost everything on my own. I've done my homework, and I haven't found another site quite like mine. I feel it is totally unique, offering better quality and value; and the coupons are free. Who doesn't love FREE?



I'm writing this today, because I know the internet can become a very useful tool. I know that some people have used Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and countless other social media sites, to easily be able to reach out to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. I'm here today, to ask the help of strangers. Yes, total strangers; because I have seen things go viral and I know the impact ‘people power’ can have on any site or video.


Please take a moment, no more than two minutes to help me out; this would be really greatly appreciated. I need one minute for you to click on my site and check it out; and, another minute for you to either to quickly tweet it, or post my link to your Facebook page.


Can you take a moment out of your busy day to help me out? I’ve read and watched videos of hundreds, if not thousands of clips that have gone viral! Things can go viral quite easily! Can you help me out, and let this happen to me?


Here’s what I think...If I can get 18,000 unique visitors between now and July 31st, to my site, I would love to donate $500 to a local children’s charity that I have selected. Help me out with my little experiment, and let’s see how the power of the internet can help people save money, make money, and especially, make the power of real every-day people, save bigger than ever before!


Click today and please spread the word.


Save a mint, use best-print!