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Arnold Paintball

8132, Jean-Brillon



Business Description

Indoor Paintball:

Welcome to Arnold Paintball: Check out our web site:  http://www.arnoldpaintball.com/

Visit our Virtual Indoor Field.


Come and live an unforgettable experience on our interior paintball field. You will play in an Old Far West village that we have built. A multitude of 2 floor buildings, bridges, a mountain and caverns make our site one of the most intriguing in North America


A surface of more than 30,000 sq/ft. Plan your strategy to capture your adversary‚Äôs flag, beware the different difficulties that you will find in front of you, and your adversaries that will be determined to capture your flag.


Outdoor Paintball



Try our fifteen different fields each whit their own team, attack the fort or the village and its huge church, surround the pyramid and crawl through the bushes to surprise your adversary.


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Arnold Paintball:

Upon presentation of this coupon you can play for only $10.00!


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