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5 simple steps to teach your child positive organizational skills

Effective organizational skills are a key component in lifelong success. With ongoing educational and social demands, it is essential that we implement routines and systems to help our children manage responsibilities, plan ahead and develop positive organizational skills.


Here’s how.


Letting Go. Schedule regular de-cluttering sessions, choosing one area at a time so kids remain focused.  Hold up each item and simply ask “yes” or “no?”  Place the “yes” items into a keep pile and the “no” items into a bag for charity.  Keep it fun by setting a target number of “no” items and encourage your child to reach their goal.   


Giving Back. Teach your children that there are other kids less fortunate then they are.  Knowing that they’re giving their old toys and clothing to those in need helps to keep them motivated during the de-cluttering process.      


A home for everything & everything in its home. Categorize your keep items using small containers or Ziploc bags and use labels or photos to show where everything goes.  When your child is done playing with a toy encourage them to put it back in its “home.”


Scheduling & Time Management. Children learn from visual reminders.  Create a large, wall calendar and get them involved by having them write down their weekly activities.  Make use of stickers or photos for younger children.


Punctuality. Before lights-out help your children prepare their lunch, knapsack and clothes for the next day.  This will reduce morning confusion so that everyone gets to where they need to be on time.


Order in the House provides our clients with valuable, professional advice by helping you de-clutter, create customized solutions to suit your lifestyle and encourage positive habits to maintain an organized space, so you can live a more balanced life.


Written by Rachael Kalinsky, professional organizer & owner of Order in the House       For more information or to schedule a FREE phone consultation contact us at

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